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A Land of Snow & Ice

Oct. 27, 1968: A few stars are showing. A light breeze coming up and 26°. A day for small chores. I mixed up a batch of wood glue very thin and painted the runners on my sled. Tomorrow it will … Continue reading

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A Visit to Tim Bowen Antiques in Wales

One of the unexpected treats of visiting Wales this month was getting to visit the shop of Tim Bowen, an antiques dealer in Ferryside who specializes in vernacular furniture from Wales and the rest of Britain. If you like Welsh … Continue reading

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Storefront Open this Saturday

The Lost Art Press storefront will be open this Saturday (Nov. 9, 2019) from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. This is your opportunity to talk with fellow woodworkers, ask any questions about the craft that have been bugging you and … Continue reading

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The Orkney Chair at the V&A Museum

One of the many vernacular furniture forms I’m fascinated with is the Orkney chair, which combines joined pieces of wood (sometimes driftwood) plus woven straw for the back. The chair saw great commercial success starting in the late 19th century … Continue reading

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I Want to See the Woodworking Parts

If I’m granted another lifetime, one of the things I’d like to do is to create audio tours of museums designed for furniture makers. Yesterday, Lucy and I spent several hours in the British Museum, and I kept thinking: “Dang … Continue reading

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The Itchy & Scratchy Design Process

When I travel overseas, I sometimes take melatonin to help my body adjust to a new time zone. The good news: I think it works. The weird news: I have the strangest dreams when I take it. This month, I’m … Continue reading

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The Jack Plane You Really Need: Part 1

For me, the jack plane is as essential as the hatchet is to a green woodworker. Or a drawknife is to a traditional chairmaker. The jack plane (sometimes called a fore plane) gets furniture parts to shape in a huge … Continue reading

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