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Wisdom from Pine Mountain

“I’ve heard that all my life, a chairmaker never has a thing to set on.” — Chester Cornett, as quoted in “Craftsman of the Cumberlands” (University of Kentucky Press) by Michael Owen Jones

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Let’s Talk Trash

No matter how many years of experience you have at your craft, you can’t afford to stop learning. Kitchen cabinet making is viewed as an inferior form of woodworking by many of those who reproduce 18th-century Philadelphia highboys. Well, let … Continue reading

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‘The Shaker Guy,’ in the Portland Newspaper

Christian Becksvoort is featured in the Portland Press Herald today, in a Bob Keyes article in the Books section: “Christian Becksvoort doesn’t want to be the ornery old guy who complains about how things are and wishes for the way … Continue reading

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Advice for No One

With my kids, I struggle when we talk about their futures. I want to tell them: Do what you love, work really hard and everything will be alright. It’s a great line, but it’s USDA prime horse crap. My first … Continue reading

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More Soft Wax for the New Year

Katherine has just finished making another big batch of soft wax, and it’s available in her etsy store. If you haven’t been keeping up with the Soft Wax Saga this fall and winter, she’s made some changes to her production … Continue reading

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Caption Challenge and the Winner Is…

The winner of a Lost Art Press bandana (man scarf) and Chester Cornett button is ‘speed poet’ Bill Rainford. Within 46 minutes of the posting of the Caption Challenge Bill submitted a four-line poem capturing the pleasures and perils of … Continue reading

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Quit Your Day Job?

From the advice column “Work Friend” in The New York Times, Dec. 31, 2018 You Can’t Beat Them (You Will Be Arrested) What are your thoughts on friends who leave high-paying jobs to pursue their creative dreams, then end up … Continue reading

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