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News: ‘Make a Chair from a Tree, Third Edition’ and Video

For the last five years, we worked with Jennie Alexander to revise her classic “Make a Chair from a Tree” book to her satisfaction and include all her latest thoughts and approaches to building her iconic ladderback chair. Jennie’s efforts … Continue reading

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Origin of the Lump Hammer

While the lump hammer appears in English workshops in the mid-20th century, I suspect its origins are much earlier. Read more about this topic on the Crucible Tool blog. — Christopher Schwarz

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Be Your Own Dang Publisher

We get a lot of unsolicited manuscripts and book ideas at Lost Art Press – way more than we could ever hope to handle. As of now now we have 18 upcoming books under contract, which is more than five … Continue reading

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Own a Piece of Jennie Alexander’s Library

The only thing better than a good book is a good book owned by someone special. Peter Follansbee is selling off Jennie Alexander’s woodworking library via his blog. There are lots of rare and wonderful texts. All useful and well-loved. … Continue reading

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‘All Hail the 863’ – Chapter 5, ‘The Intelligent Hand’

I had the great privilege of working on David Savage’s new book, “The Intelligent Hand” – yet I confess it flummoxed me on my first several editing passes. After years of writing and editing straightforward, linear woodworking how-to articles, I … Continue reading

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We Are Open Today (and Tonight)

The Lost Art Press storefront will be open today from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. And then we’re having a book-release party for “Hands Employed Aright” with the author Joshua Klein – all the way from Maine. The party starts … Continue reading

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Chapter 1: ‘The Intelligent Hand’

“Well Mr. Savage, I am sorry to tell you the results of your tests are not good. If you play your cards right you may have two years, three at best. Play them badly and we are looking at months … Continue reading

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