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Canadian Sales Temporarily Suspended

We’ve had to stop selling our products in Canada temporarily until we can find a new way to ship our goods across the border. Our warehouse in Canada has decided to drop us as a customer to focus on other … Continue reading

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Workbench Personality No. 6: The Undecider

Of all the workbench personalities, only The Undecider has driven me to reconsider my career in woodworking. Like herpes, when you encounter The Undecider, everything seems kinda normal at first. But then, inexplicably, you cannot get rid of him. The … Continue reading

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Megan has Left the Magazine

You might have heard: Megan Fitzpatrick is no longer the editor of Popular Woodworking Magazine. While readers might be wringing their hands or wondering how the magazine will fare without her (hint: it will be just fine), I am personally … Continue reading

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Saturday: A Book-release Party & an Open Storefront

This Saturday, Dec. 9, will be the last day the Lost Art Press storefront will be open for 2017 (our next open day will be Jan. 13, 2018). So if you need holiday gifts or something with a personal signature, … Continue reading

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The Year of the Covington Mechanical Library

This calendar year has been all about gutting, rebuilding and setting up the Horse Garage, which will store wood and a few machines that I use for processing stock. For 2018, the major project will be setting up a mechanical … Continue reading

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Workbench Personality No. 4: The Best of Everything

The Best of Everything calls to ask if he can hire me to consult on his workbench build. And, if we get along personally, he would like to fly me to his shop so we can build the bench together. … Continue reading

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And the Other Stickers

In addition to the “Fancy Lad Academy of Woodworking & Charcuterie” sticker, the next set of stickers will feature the “Mine!” image (above) by Suzanne Ellison. Suzanne created this image of a crow made of tools using bits from A.J. … Continue reading

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