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The Inspiring Conclusion of ‘Welsh Stick Chairs’

Editor’s note: It’s difficult to pinpoint the moment that John Brown became a personal hero. Was it when I first saw his chairs? When I read his early columns for Good Woodworking? Or was it when I read his book … Continue reading

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Back in Stock: ‘The Solution at Hand’ and ‘With the Grain’

Quick note: We have replenished our inventory of Robert Wearing’s “The Solution at Hand” and Christian Becksvoort’s “With the Grain.” Both are now available in our online store and will soon be available again through our retailers. “The Solution at … Continue reading

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Can You Explain Why a Board Twists?

Today I was working on the layout for “Honest Labour” and had to revisit the 1936 volume of The Woodworker magazines. I stumbled on this delightful and ingenious way to explain and demonstrate how wood twists as it dries. Read … Continue reading

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Coming Soon: ‘Good Work: The Chairmaking Life of John Brown’

After more than four years of work, we are completing work on our latest book called “Good Work: The Chairmaking Life of John Brown” by Christopher Williams. It will be available for pre-publication ordering next week. The book’s title of … Continue reading

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Back In Stock: Chore Coats and ‘Roubo on Furniture’

We’ve restocked on our Cincinnati-made chore coats. As of this moment, we have plenty of every size except Large. We’re working with our stitcher, Sew Valley, to restock the Large size and build up inventory on all of our sizes. … Continue reading

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A Dedication

I have often wondered what period of time must elapse before a good craftsman becomes an outstanding one. Was he born that way, needing only the requisite skill to develop his genius? Or did he evolve stage by stage like … Continue reading

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A Visit to Cable Street

Editor’s note: When we published David Savage’s “The Intelligent Hand” we were under a cancer-imposed deadline to finish the book, and so some aspects of the production got shorter shrift than I like. One part was this section on the … Continue reading

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