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Meet the Author: Peter Follansbee

A few weeks ago Peter Follansbee participated in a panel discussion titled “Looking Forward, Looking Back: Traditional Crafts and Contemporary Makers” at the Fuller Craft Museum as part of the opening reception for Living Traditions: The Handwork of Plymouth CRAFT. … Continue reading

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Finishing Lies

Covers in one coat Protects from inside the wood Stain and polyurethane in one step No harsh fumes – strips multiple layers Danish Oil (ask the Danes about this finish) Spar varnish – exceptional protection from sunlight, rain & moisture … Continue reading

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Master of Nothing

One of the common criticisms I hear of North American woodworkers is that we try to do so many things – casework, carving, veneering, chairmaking, turning – that we never become good at any one of those things. There’s truth … Continue reading

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Classic Orders – An Exercise

This is an excerpt from “By Hand and Eye”  by Geo. R. Walker and Jim Tolpin.  The lifeblood of craft has always depended on knowledge passing from one generation to the next, and I struggle finding words to convey the importance … Continue reading

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Quick Update on Books & Prints

When the messages to start to get a little on the “Where’s my book you Nigerian scammer?” side, it’s time to do an update on the blog. Roman Workbenches The plan was to mail this book in early April. … Continue reading

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I am a Welshman

“I am a Welshman, and I am influenced in the chairs I make, or some of them, by old Welsh chairs. Irish chairs are as different as is possible, so are Scottish chairs. Brittany is Celtic. The people of Brittany, … Continue reading

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‘Anarchist’s Tool Chest’ Back in Black

We’ve just ordered our ninth (!!) printing of “The Anarchist’s Tool Chest” and will return to the black cloth cover. The red cover was a one-time thing for the fifth anniversary of the book’s release. It might also please/vex you … Continue reading

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