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Dovetail Marking System

This is an excerpt from “The Solution at Hand” by Robert Wearing. There are many types of dovetail markers and as many methods of using them, but I like to think that this marker, A, and its method is pre-eminent. The plate … Continue reading

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Making a Carving/Marking Knife

This is an excerpt from “Making & Mastering Wood Planes” by David Finck. The blades on most marking and carving knives feel too thick and bulky for my taste. The types of knives shown (above) are easily made and perform beautifully for marking and also … Continue reading

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Seasoning or Drying of Wood

This is an excerpt from “Cut & Dried: A Woodworker’s Guide to Timber Technology” by Richard Jones. Seasoning and drying of wood describe the same thing: reducing the moisture content of boards or planks thus bringing them into a dry-enough condition to use. Acclimatising … Continue reading

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Bend and Screw the Hinges for the Schoolbox

This is an excerpt from “The Joiner and Cabinet-Maker” By Anonymous, Christopher Schwarz and Joel Moskowitz. Good luck finding steel hinges for this project that have the right look and bend in the right place to fit in the partition. I … Continue reading

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Make and Use a Straw Polissoir

This is an excerpt from “To Make as Perfectly as Possible: Roubo on Marquetry” by  André-Jacob Roubo; translation by Donald C. Williams, Michele Pietryka-Pagán & Philippe Lafargue. One influential tool that was unknown to me at the start of this project is a … Continue reading

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Malcolm Tibbetts

  This is an excerpt from “The Difference Makers” by Marc Adams.  One of the people who had the greatest impact on Malcolm was his grandfather, Rap Gardner. At an early age, Granddad would give him guidance on how to make items with … Continue reading

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Furniture Doors

This is an excerpt from “Shaker Inspiration: Five Decades of Fine Craftsmanship” by Christian Becksvoort. Even before frame-and-panel doors come into widespread use, larger doors had to accommodate seasonal wood movement in one way or another. The most common method was to use a series … Continue reading

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