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Compensating for Movement

This is an excerpt from “With the Grain” by Christian Becksvoort.  With a background in forestry, wood technology, furniture construction and restoration and many decades of joinery, I’ve developed a system of case construction that fully allows solid-wood panels to move throughout the seasons. … Continue reading

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Add a Shaving Horse

This is an excerpt from “Ingenious Mechanicks” by Christopher Schwarz. Many visitors to my shop are intrigued by the low Roman-style workbenches (especially the children, who play Whac-A-Mole with the pegs). The most frequent questions I hear are: Were the Romans Lilliputians? And is this low … Continue reading

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Special Dovetails

This is an excerpt from “The Woodworker: The Charles H. Hayward Years: Volume III” published by Lost Art Press.  The through dovetail is straightforward enough to cut, but sometimes there is a slight complication owing to there being a rebate at … Continue reading

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Finishing Your Chair

This is an excerpt from “Chairmaker’s Notebook” written and illustrated by Peter Galbert.  Paint has come a long way from the toxic lead paints of the original Windsors to the stringy enamels of the 20th century. I paint my chairs with milk … Continue reading

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Chairs by Jonathan Fisher

This is an excerpt from “Hands Employed Aright: The Furniture Making of Jonathan Fisher” by Joshua A. Klein. The first chair Fisher recorded making was in December 1802. This “small chair,” probably for children, seems to have been a trial run for … Continue reading

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Bending Wood for Chair Parts

This is an excerpt from “Welsh Stick Chairs” by John Brown. I disagree with people who say wood should be partly seasoned for steaming. The best would be ‘cut down yesterday, steam today’. Anyway, as soon as this ash is cut up … Continue reading

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No Trespassing

This is an excerpt from “Ingenious Mechanicks” by Christopher Schwarz. Sometimes I wonder why I research old workbenches, build them and write about them. I know my critics and friends wonder the same thing. The truth is, I have a gland – well, it feels … Continue reading

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