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Downloading from Conscious Mind

This is an excerpt from “The Intelligent Hand” by David Binnington Savage.  Then the stress starts building. This is important. You are a professional; you need to be able to do this creative stuff on a wet Wednesday when the muse is fast … Continue reading

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Should Drawers Project, or Should They be Recessed Slightly?

This is an excerpt from “The Woodworker: The Charles H. Hayward Years: Volume II” published by Lost Art Press One of the perplexing questions which the cabinet maker appears to have never settled definitely is: should drawer fronts stand out slightly in front of … Continue reading

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Design at the Point of a Tool

This is an excerpt from “By Hand and Eye” by Geo. R. Walker and Jim Tolpin.  Afternoon sunlight streamed across the wide pine flooring and up over a small Newport table. I turned my head and paused a moment, taking in the … Continue reading

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Carving a Braided Pattern

This is an excerpt from “Joiner’s Work” by Peter Follansbee. A braided pattern builds on the previous example (of the gouge cut). It’s cut with the same technique, but this time, for those who like measuring stuff, it is marked out in a measured spacing. … Continue reading

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The Sliding Square

This is an excerpt from “The Woodworker: The Charles H. Hayward Years: Volume I” published by Lost Art Press.  This type of square was produced originally for engineers, but woodworkers have come to realise that it can be very handy to them. Of … Continue reading

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Building the Seat of a Cardigan Chair

This is an excerpt from “Welsh Stick Chairs” by John Brown.  Having cut out the seat, the first job is to clean up the sawn edge. Here is a wooden jack-plane in use. I very rarely buy new tools. They are … Continue reading

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On Craftsmanship

This is an excerpt from “Shaker Inspiration: Five Decades of Fine Craftsmanship” by Christian Becksvoort.  Craftsmanship is a tough concept to get your head around. Even the dictionary gives it short shrift. “Skill in a particular craft.” Pretty lame. This is a bit better: … Continue reading

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