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Unexpected Question

When I finish teaching a class at a woodworking school, there is always a debriefing. The owner asks me how the class went. Were there rough spots? Things that could be improved the next time? It’s standard “let’s be responsible … Continue reading

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Order, order!

Order in the House! As a woodworker trained in furniture making, I’ve designed and built many a kitchen over the past 39 years. Blame the first guy who employed me in 1980; he taught me a lot about business and … Continue reading

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Sometimes You Have to Say it

For the most part, I try to live by the mantra: Show, don’t tell. But when people ask me questions about the business side of Lost Art Press, I sometimes have to straight up tell people how we work. The … Continue reading

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Seasoning or Drying of Wood

This is an excerpt from “Cut & Dried: A Woodworker’s Guide to Timber Technology” by Richard Jones. Seasoning and drying of wood describe the same thing: reducing the moisture content of boards or planks thus bringing them into a dry-enough condition to use. Acclimatising … Continue reading

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We Are Open Saturday – Come Learn About Non-Toxic Finishes

The Lost Art Press storefront in Covington, Ky., will be open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. this Saturday, and we hope you can stop by to say hello. The special (and free) lecture for that day will be about … Continue reading

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Last-minute ATC Class Opening

Update: The spot has been claimed. We’ve a last-minute cancellation for Kieran Binnie’s Anarchist’s Tool Chest class, Sept. 23-27 at the Lost Art Press Storefront. The class is $900 plus $500 for materials (which we got today – gorgeous sugar … Continue reading

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New Core77 Column: Chair Comfort

I think that some of the modern rules for making a comfortable chair are inflexible, misinterpret the human body and ignore the needs of people on the shorter half of the bell curve. I wrote up my thoughts for my … Continue reading

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