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How a Lost Art Press Book is Made

John and I are quite particular about how our books are made and spend a lot of time and money on details that most readers don’t notice. We want our books to be able to survive floods, attacks by babies … Continue reading

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Meet the Author: Don Williams

Don Williams says his love of learning was probably fostered by the fact that his father was going through seminary when he was a child. Don grew up in a household without television. Instead, his family listened to classical music … Continue reading

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It’s Early! ‘The Woodworker Vol. IV’

“The Woodworker, The Charles H. Hayward Years, Vol. IV, The Shop & Furniture” wasn’t supposed to arrive in our warehouse until next week, but it’s here now. And, according to the photos John sent me, it looks fantastic. Our warehouse … Continue reading

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How To Sharpen Moulding Plane Cutters

This is an excerpt from “The Woodworker: The Charles H. Hayward Years: Volume I” published by Lost Art Press.  Moulding plane cutters are of two kinds; those used with wooden moulding planes, and those made for the Stanley Universal plane. Except that the latter type … Continue reading

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The End of the Sparklepony Era?

A couple weeks after starting to wreck the interior of The Blaze bar in 2015, I had a moment where I thought I should go see the doctor. This is embarrassing and personal, but there’s only one way to say … Continue reading

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And Now With Even More Soft Wax

This week, Katy has been crazy busy down in the workshop making soft wax. In fact, she mixed and packaged 77 tins in three days – a new record. I asked her today what kicked her into high gear. “I … Continue reading

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3 Stick Chairs and a Pig Bench

It’s a good day when I find three new images of stick chairs. Researcher Suzanne Ellison sent me the September 2015 issue of Antique Collecting recently, and I devoured it this morning while juggling some technical publishing problems. Inside the … Continue reading

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