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Install a Planing Stop

The single-point planing stop is one of my most useful bench workholding appliances (the other two are a holdfast and my leg vise). There are lots of commercial ones available, including those from Tools for Working Wood and Benchcrafted. I … Continue reading

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Chair Chat 3 with Rudy and Klaus: Turd Time is a Charm

Editor’s note: This is the third Chair Chat with Rudy and Klaus where today we discuss not one but three chairs. Please note that we don’t have much background information on today’s three chairs. We don’t know their countries of … Continue reading

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A Beehive Hoodie for the Spring

My oldest daughter, Madeline, has been hard at work in graduate school in Pittsburgh and hasn’t had much time for selling stickers and the like. But recently she really wanted a hooded sweatshirt with the Lost Art Press beehive logo … Continue reading

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For the Lost Art Press Men’s Room

If you’ve ever visited our storefront, you might have noticed that we wallpaper the men’s room with all manner of woodworking paraphernalia, from posters to old advertisements to poems. I haven’t put anything up in the women’s room except a … Continue reading

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A Kitchen Remodel in Real Time, Part 3: Design

The big picture As with methods of building cabinetry, there may well be as many potential takes on designing the kitchen for a particular house as designers who might be hired for the job. My own starting points include the … Continue reading

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A Kind of Order — from ‘Honest Labour’

Editor’s note: For the next several weeks, we will feature some of our favorite columns from “Honest Labour: The Charles H. Hayward” years, along with some thoughts about why these particular columns hit the mark. This column from 1960 is … Continue reading

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Back in Stock: Moleskin Vests and Pinch Rods

We have just restocked our Moleskin Work Vests and our Crucible Pinch Rods. Both are available for immediate shipment from our warehouse in Indiana. If you want a vest, don’t delay. These are time-consuming to make, so this is likely … Continue reading

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