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The Roman Workbench Begins

This afternoon I got a good start on my first Roman workbench – a knee-high bench with almost no workholding, aside from holes for pegs or holdfasts. I’m building it using a red oak top from Will Myers, who dried … Continue reading

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That’s a Three-barbarian Door

Yesterday I managed to hang my braced and ledged door for the stables at our storefront. The stables will eventually house my machinery, so I wanted the door to be nice and handmade. So by following the instructions on these … Continue reading

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Now Shipping: The Red Edition of ‘The Anarchist’s Tool Chest’

To mark the fifth anniversary of “The Anarchist’s Tool Chest,” we have published a single run of 4,000 of these books with a red cloth cover instead of the usual black. We have been shipping the red cover to our … Continue reading

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A Workbench Cleat from 1826

Check out the right leg of the workbench in this 1826 plate that Jeff Burks dug up from “Les Amusemens de la Campagne” (Vol. 3) by M.A. Paulin Desormeaux. Take a look at Fig. B there. It’s a small cleat … Continue reading

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Behind the Scenes at the LAP Warehouse

Last Thursday John told me he was heading to the warehouse and asked if I wanted to tag along. I jumped on the opportunity. I was glad to get a chance to meet people that I was emailing with regularly. … Continue reading

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Come Help Make Roubo ‘As Perfect as Possible’

During our next open day for our storefront, Aug. 13, we’re throwing a special “reading party” for the forthcoming “Roubo on Furniture.” You’ll get an advance look at the book and get to read some of the great stuff the … Continue reading

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Hulot’s ‘Twin Press’ for a Workbench

Five years after the 1770 publication of “L’ Art Des Expériences” by Jean-Antoine Nollet, came M. Hulot’s “L’art du tourneur mécanicien,” an influential book among turners especially. In it, Hulot describes a “twin press” for a workbench in some detail. … Continue reading

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