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To Herculaneum

No matter how much you read about a person, a piece of furniture or a place, the real thing is always different. Today, Narayan Nayar and I visited Herculaneum, the doomed coastal city in Italy that has changed the way … Continue reading

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‘Making Things Work’ by Nancy R. Hiller

As cautionary woodworking tales go, Nancy R. Hiller’s might just be the funniest – and the most sincere. Standing in contrast to James Krenov’s “The Impractical Cabinetmaker” from 1979, Hiller’s new book, “Making Things Work: Tales from a Cabinetmaker’s Life,” … Continue reading

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Chris vs. the Volcano

I leave for Naples, Italy, in the morning to research Roman workbenches, which is a shocking sentence to write. When I wrote my first book on workbenches, I had never seen an ancient French workbook in person. I’d never used … Continue reading

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Big Batch of Soft Wax now Available

My daughter Katy made another monster batch of soft wax for the Lie-Nielsen Hand Tool event last weekend and had 45 tins left over to sell in her etsy store. Check it out here. Remember: It’s for furniture. We had … Continue reading

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Meet the Author: Jim Tolpin

In early March 2017, Jim Tolpin woke up in the middle of the night with a revelation: He finally understood where trigonometry comes from. “I was actually just working on that when you called,” he says. “And I actually think … Continue reading

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‘You Smell Like Mothballs’

Last night I got home from work and my wife said, “You smell like mothballs.” I am pretty sure I looked a bit disheveled too. I had a blank stare on my face and had the hair-falling-out-of-the-ponytail halo going on. … Continue reading

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What Does Letterpress Look Like?

Roman Workbenches from Christopher Schwarz on Vimeo. During the Lie-Nielsen Hand Tool Event last weekend several attendees mentioned how they loved that our books were printed via letterpress. I had to correct them because that’s absolutely not the case. We … Continue reading

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