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Tool Chest: Changes to the Sawtill

One of the significant changes to the interior of the tool chests I build for customers is how the sawtill is constructed. The original from “The Anarchist’s Tool Chest” was built like a few chests I had observed with a … Continue reading

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Lost Art Press Open Day, Tool Sale & Book-release Party

If you plan to come to one of our open days, might I recommend May 12? On that day we will have a surplus tool sale where Megan, Brendan and I are going to dispose of all the extra woodworking … Continue reading

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Coming Soon: ‘Welsh Stick Chairs’ by John Brown

I am thrilled to announce that Lost Art Press is bringing the classic “Welsh Stick Chairs” by John Brown back into print with a high-quality North American edition. I have read “Welsh Stick Chairs” more than 20 times, and it … Continue reading

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I’m Baa-ck!

I have been at Hancock Shaker Village the past five days and up to my neck in furniture. What a week it has been. The hardest part of documenting anything here is trying to stay focused. Every time I go … Continue reading

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The Graphic Rule

This excerpt from our latest book, “From Truths to Tools,” speaks to a rather esoteric, but highly useful, rule for use with scaled drawings: Here’s a typical, traditionally drawn small boat plan: To find the dimension of any particular part … Continue reading

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New Video: ‘Spindle Turning for Furniture with Peter Galbert’

Turning spindles for chairs, settees or staircases requires a small set of tools and a focused group of techniques. Most furniture makers have little need for the tools and techniques of turners who make bowls, platters and art pieces. That’s … Continue reading

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A One-line Philosophy on the Internet

“A wise man once said: Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn’t go away.” — Chapter 10, “Legion”

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