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A Kitchen Remodel in Real Time: Changing horses in midstream

After a long hiatus from shop time thanks to Indiana’s stay-at-home directive, I’ve been back in full force over the past two weeks. Sure, I could have kept working on the kitchen — my shop is next to our house. … Continue reading

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An Excerpt from ‘Calvin Cobb’

An excerpt from “Calvin Cobb – Radio Woodworker: A Novel with Measured Drawings,” by Roy Underhill. Banging buckets echoed down the hall from the clock tower entrance. The painter was done for the day. The stacks of ordered papers on … Continue reading

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Notes on Cancelled Classes

If you registered for a 2020 class at LAP, then you know from your email that we recently made the difficult decision to cancel all remaining classes for 2020. And I appreciate the kind notes you’ve sent in return – … Continue reading

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Let’s Go Dutch

  Waiting for a book to print on the laser writer at the shop is boring, so Chris and I were talking to pass the time as we awaited the pages of Nancy Hiller’s “Kitchen Think”; it’s off to Kara … Continue reading

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My First Time

During the last 30 years, I’ve heard hundreds of “I first encountered Fine Woodworking…” stories that have an impressive ending. The person becomes a lifetime woodworker or quits their job to build furniture. Or collects every issue since the magazine … Continue reading

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Stay Focused, Keep Moving: An Interview with Freddy Roman

When Freddy Roman was a student at The Furniture Institute of Massachusetts he saw a dressing table made by fellow student Austin Winters, who’d built the piece after seeing an original in the catalog for an exhibition at the Peabody … Continue reading

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Chair Chat No. 9 with Rudy and Klaus: A Poetic Chair From Far East Wales With Green Poop Finish

Editor’s note: In today’s chair chat we discuss a chair that is so beautiful it makes Chris write poetry. We are unsure about its heritage, but it could be from Wales. Or further east. As Chris was smoking his ham, … Continue reading

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You Have to Believe Your Own BS

We ripped out our kitchen on March 1 and have spent the last 10 weeks waiting for a safe time (with procedures sanctioned by state health officials) to resume the work. This week the cabinets arrived, and so I recruited … Continue reading

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Design Book Out of Stock & Other Updates

We’ve run out of copies of “The Anarchist’s Design Book: Expanded Edition.”  We ordered enough to last us two years, but they lasted only four months. We ordered a new press run on April 17 and should have our stock … Continue reading

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True Grit: An Interview with Helen Welch of the London School of Furniture Making

Chris Schwarz suggested I invite Helen Welch to be interviewed for the Lost Art Press blog. “She is a “[bleep]ing badass,” he wrote. “A tool nerd. Funny and sharp as hell.” So I wrote her by email. She sent back … Continue reading

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