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Woodworker, writer, editor, teacher, ailurophile, Shakespearean. Will write for air-dried walnut.


The third edition of Jennie Alexander’s “Make a Chair from a Tree” is moving apace. We have a rough design for the book – the same 9″ x 9″ form factor as the original edition, and fonts from the same … Continue reading

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Download a Free Excerpt of ‘Kitchen Think’

You can download a free pdf excerpt of our newest book, “Kitchen Think: A guide to design and construction, from refurbishing to renovation,” by Nancy R. Hiller, to get a taste of the writing and design. You don’t have to … Continue reading

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An Excerpt from ‘Calvin Cobb’

An excerpt from “Calvin Cobb – Radio Woodworker: A Novel with Measured Drawings,” by Roy Underhill. Banging buckets echoed down the hall from the clock tower entrance. The painter was done for the day. The stacks of ordered papers on … Continue reading

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Notes on Cancelled Classes

If you registered for a 2020 class at LAP, then you know from your email that we recently made the difficult decision to cancel all remaining classes for 2020. And I appreciate the kind notes you’ve sent in return – … Continue reading

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Let’s Go Dutch

  Waiting for a book to print on the laser writer at the shop is boring, so Chris and I were talking to pass the time as we awaited the pages of Nancy Hiller’s “Kitchen Think”; it’s off to Kara … Continue reading

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On a Possum (Belly) Hunt

I’m in search of a nicely framed, uncluttered, well-lit, high-resolution photograph of a “possum belly” table or cabinet for use in Nancy R. Hiller’s upcoming book, “Kitchen Think.” Ideally, it would be shot from an angle similar to that of … Continue reading

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Cincinnati’s Shop of the Crafters

When you think of American Arts & Crafts furniture, the names Stickley and Limbert are probably the first to spring to mind, but in my neck of the woods, I think Onken. Well, not really – but I do think … Continue reading

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Traditional Work Songs

A few weeks back, hand-tool woodworker, luthier, musicologist and performer Aaron Keim sent us a book and CD he and his wife, Nicole Keim, published to encourage people to learn and enjoy some work songs. Titled, “Let the Work I … Continue reading

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The Train, She is Rolling

I am not much of one for New Year’s Resolutions, preferring instead to periodically articulate attainable goals for the coming year rather than pie-in-the-sky wishes that will soon evaporate.  But this year I was adamant that the pseudo-albatross of “A … Continue reading

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Hand-forged Tool Chest Hardware

We got our hands on a set of new hardware for the “Anarchist’s Tool Chest” (or any large chest, really) from Orion Henderson at Horton Brasses – he’s calling it “The Anarchist’s Tool Chest – Reforged” – because it is … Continue reading

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