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A Big Pile of No. 2

I do not have the gene of a hoarder or a collector. The fewer things I own, the happier I am. So for the last eight years, a pile of wood has made me miserable The following is a cautionary … Continue reading

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A Vote of No Confidence

For better or worse, my chairs tend to flirt with stretchers. Should the chair have them or not? While common sense might dictate that all chairs should have stretchers between their legs for added strength, the historical record disagrees. Early … Continue reading

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Round the Corners of a Plane Iron

If the corners of a handplane’s cutter are not supposed to cut wood, then I remove them. OK, let me put that a different way. Some handplanes are supposed to cut into corners: rabbet planes, shoulder planes, moulding planes and … Continue reading

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Sold Out of Hammers, Again

We sold out of our Crucible Lump Hammers within hours (again). Why don’t we take back orders? This entry explains why. — Christopher Schwarz

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‘Divide & Conquer’ Shirts from the Basement

In 2011, I was the fulfillment service for Lost Art Press. We had books and shirts tucked into every corner of our house – our guest bedroom was one solid brick of inventory. Within a year we had found a … Continue reading

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Crucible Lump Hammers in Stock

We have a good-sized batch of Crucible Lump Hammers in stock and ready to ship. The hammers are $85 plus shipping, and (we think) they will become one of your favorite striking tools. These hammers are 100 percent made in … Continue reading

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Centre Family Dwelling, Naked

Today we took Christian Becksvoort to the Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill to see some of the buildings and – we hoped – some of the furniture. For more than a year, the meeting house and Centre Family Dwelling have … Continue reading

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