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‘A Cure for Stress,’ by John Brown

The following is excerpted from “Good Work: The Chairmaking Life of John Brown” by Christopher Williams – the first biography of one of the most influential chairmakers and writers of the 20th century: Welshman John Brown. Author Chris Williams spent … Continue reading

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Commonplace Chairs

People – both woodworkers and the less handy – often ask me what kind of chairs I build. Lately I’ve been calling them “commonplace chairs” instead of diving into an eye-glazing lecture on the British Isles, vernacular furniture and John … Continue reading

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Reader Questions: Benchtops, Trestle Tables and West Coast Lumber

Sweet jiminy I don’t need any more mail, tasks or obligations. If you have a woodworking question, you can usually find answers by using the search box on the right-hand sidebar. If you have a question about your order or … Continue reading

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Coming Soon: ‘Honest Labour’

This week, we are finishing the layout of our latest book, “Honest Labour,” which is a collection of essays from The Woodworker magazine while Charles H. Hayward was editor (1939-1967). This book will be the fifth and final volume in … Continue reading

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Acid Brushes: Small but Important Details

We use acid brushes to apply glue in our shop, but we tune up the brushes before using them. Straight from the store, the bristles are too long and wide. When they get wet with glue, they act like a … Continue reading

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Soft Wax Now for Sale

Katherine has made a big batch of soft wax during her break from art school. The wax is $24 for an 8-ounce jar. Soft wax is great for finishing the interior of woodwork, as a coat over milk paint or … Continue reading

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If Your Lump Hammer Gets Loose

It’s winter in the Northern Hemisphere, and the humidity has dropped in many climates. As a result, some customers have reported their lump hammers have gotten loose. Here’s how to tighten it up. Wedging your lump hammer’s handle is part … Continue reading

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