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Publisher of woodworking books and videos specializing in hand tool techniques.

You Can Now Preview all of our Books

You can now download an excerpt of all of the Lost Art Press titles in our online store. At the top of the description for each book, you’ll see a link to download an excerpt. Click the link and the … Continue reading

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On Discounts, Sales and Advertisements

With the upcoming release of the new volume on joinery of “The Woodworker: The Charles H. Hayward Years,” several customers have asked if we are going to offer a discount on the complete set of books after we publish the … Continue reading

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Coming Soon: Issue 2 of Mortise & Tenon

Joshua Klein and company are working hard on the second issue of Mortise & Tenon magazine, and from all accounts it looks like it’s going to be another fine issue. They’ll start taking pre-publication orders on Nov. 1 here, which … Continue reading

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Less English; More Welsh

This week I’m assembling two Welsh stick chairs that are based on examples from several sources, including John Brown and Don Weber. I’ve made this sort of chair about a dozen times, and every time I build it I stray … Continue reading

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The Hardest Part of Being a Hobo-American

Note: This is a codicil to the entries I wrote called “Cut the Cord.” Part one is here. Part two is here. The entry below will make more sense if you read those first. After more than five years of … Continue reading

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More Soft Wax is Available

Wax production has been slow this fall because Katy’s class load is pretty heavy, and she’s taking art classes during the weekend (they’re making an entire board game?). But amidst all the teen-ager stuff, she’s made another 25 tins and … Continue reading

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Now in Store: ‘The Woodworker Vol. III: Joinery’

I am pleased to announce that expanding the number of people who work on our books is showing results. With the help of Megan Fitzpatrick (who has been assisting us from the beginning), Meghan Bates and now Kara Gebhart Uhl, … Continue reading

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