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‘The Joiner and Cabinet-Maker’ Historical Reprint Ships Next Week

After fighting printing plant delays for the last eight months, we received good news on Friday. Our historical reprint of “The Joiner and Cabinet-Maker” was complete and being trucked to our warehouse in Indiana – weeks ahead of schedule. It … Continue reading

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New Chapter: Boarded Low Bench

I’ve completed the last new project chapter for the expanded edition of “The Anarchist’s Design Book.” Now, I need to clean up the new chapters that are related to design and shop mentality and the writing will be complete. Briony … Continue reading

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A Change in Plans/Color for ‘The Joiner & Cabinet-Maker’

There was a mixup at the printing plant, and they ordered the wrong color paper for the cover of our special reprint of “The Joiner and Cabinet-Maker.” While we had ordered a dark green for the cover, the printing plant … Continue reading

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Two Cherries Carpenter Pencils

This will end up in the 2019 Anarchist’s Gift Guide, so consider this Christmas in August. I’m no carpenter, but I use carpenter pencils all the time for rough layout and (after planing them in half) for leveling the legs … Continue reading

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Transit Cases for Campaign Chests

One of the rarer forms of campaign furniture is also one of the simpler and rougher forms. Because campaign furniture was designed to travel, it often was transported in a specially fitted case, box or canvas bag. So instead of … Continue reading

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New in Our Store: ‘The Solution at Hand’

Becoming proficient at handwork isn’t just about muscle memory and learning to sharpen. It’s also about building a handful of effective “appliances” (jigs, fixtures and the like) that assist your saws, planes and chisels for repeatable work. One of the … Continue reading

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Sad if I Lost it

If I wrote clickbait headlines, this one would be: “One Weird Trick to Really Understand Furniture Design.” But I don’t. So instead, you’re getting some odd indie-rock lyric that works for me but does Jack Buddy for this blog’s SEO. … Continue reading

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