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The Last of the Fancy Lads

My daughter Maddy reports that she has fewer than 100 sets of stickers remaining, including the much maligned very popular “Fancy Lad Academy” sticker. Once these stickers are gone, they are gone. We haven’t repeated any designs. These are quality, … Continue reading

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The ‘Electric Horse Garage’ Lives

The new roof on the Electric Horse Garage is complete. The electricity is in and flowing. The last bit of the puzzle (the ductless HVAC) will be installed on Monday. That means we move the big machines next week, and … Continue reading

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Chinese/Roman Workbench/Router Table – and a Palm!

Brendan Gaffney sent me this incredible video – likely from Vietnam – where woodworkers are building stair components using a low workbench as a router table. The low bench is exactly what you’d see in an ancient Roman or Chinese … Continue reading

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Storefront Open This Saturday (Without Me)

Megan Fitzpatrick and Brendan Gaffney will staff the Lost Art Press storefront this Saturday so I can have a weekend with my wife (it’s our 25th anniversary). There have been lots of changes at the storefront, 837 Willard St. in … Continue reading

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My Willow Phase

The unpleasant funny thing about visiting your family during the holidays is encountering your former woodworking self. I’m in Charleston, S.C., with my dad this week and encountered my Late Willow Phase, a time during the 1990s when I was … Continue reading

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What is a ‘Loose Tenon?’

Some readers seemed confused by my description of assembling a benchtop with the help of a “loose tenon.” The expression doesn’t mean that the tenon rattles loose in the mortise. Rather it means that the tenon is not integral to … Continue reading

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Loose Tenons & Workbench Tops

We think of loose tenons as a modern joint, but it is far from it. Early Greek and Roman boats were made with loose tenons that were pegged to keep the hulls together. I’ve always been fascinated by the fact … Continue reading

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