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My First Time

During the last 30 years, I’ve heard hundreds of “I first encountered Fine Woodworking…” stories that have an impressive ending. The person becomes a lifetime woodworker or quits their job to build furniture. Or collects every issue since the magazine … Continue reading

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You Have to Believe Your Own BS

We ripped out our kitchen on March 1 and have spent the last 10 weeks waiting for a safe time (with procedures sanctioned by state health officials) to resume the work. This week the cabinets arrived, and so I recruited … Continue reading

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Design Book Out of Stock & Other Updates

We’ve run out of copies of “The Anarchist’s Design Book: Expanded Edition.”  We ordered enough to last us two years, but they lasted only four months. We ordered a new press run on April 17 and should have our stock … Continue reading

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Answer the Door

Here in downtown Covington, we live with a lot of people who are in and out of homeless shelters. Plus, my wife’s job is to write about homelessness, poverty and social justice issues for a local television station. So it’s … Continue reading

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Chair Documentary Free for a Short Time

If you are into chairs and history, make time very soon to watch this 90-minute film: “Chair Times: A History of Seating – From 1800 to Today.” The Vitra Design Museum is streaming it for free right now, and I … Continue reading

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Rock the Boat

Whenever I am asked to build a rocking chair, I say: “Sorry, I don’t make them. They are a totally different animal than what I build.” But if you could centrifuge the polite Southerner out of my response, it might … Continue reading

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Now Available: ‘The Welsh Stick Chair: A Visual Record’

For woodworkers who are interested in chairmaking or vernacular furniture, we now stock a new book from Wales that we think you’ll find invaluable. “The Welsh Stick Chair: A Visual Record” by Tim and Betsan Bowen is a photographic exploration … Continue reading

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The Essential Stick of the Lawn

This is one of my favorite stories that doesn’t involve a colonoscopy. When I traveled to Devon, U.K., to teach a tool chest class at David Savage’s shop and school, Rowden Atelier, I sent my usual tool list in advance … Continue reading

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‘Honest Labour’ Now Shipping

We began shipping of “Honest Labour” this week, and customers who placed a pre-publication order should receive their books soon. We received our first box of the books at the storefront yesterday. Our Michigan plant, as always, did a nice … Continue reading

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What About the Back of the Tool?

  I promise this post is not about sharpening. It is, instead, about what we read vs. what we see. When I learned to sharpen, the entire first day of my lesson was all about flattening the backs of my … Continue reading

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