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Crucible Design Curves Now Available

You can now purchase a set of Crucible Design Curves in our online store at The set of three curves costs $37, and that price includes shipping in the United States. These curves are laser cut at Grainwell, which … Continue reading

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Now in Store: H.O. Studley Posters

You can now purchase our poster of the H.O. Studley tool cabinet for $20. That price includes shipping anywhere in the United States and Canada. Our poster features an image of the cabinet taken by Narayan Nayar, the photographer for … Continue reading

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Dividers & Curves in the Store on Thursday

We will have both Improved Pattern Dividers and Design Curves for sale in Crucible’s online store at noon Eastern time on Thursday, May 25. Why are we waiting until Thursday? I’m still traveling after Handworks in Amana, Iowa. I decided … Continue reading

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More Translated Text from Hulot on the Roman Workbench

Woodworker, designer, great cook and all-around nice guy Tom Bonamici volunteered to help translate more sections of M. Hulot’s “L’Art du Tourneur Mécanicien” (1775) that deal with the low workbench. I have devoted lots of brainpower to this bench lately, … Continue reading

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Just a Journalist

At the first Handworks in 2013, I overheard a funny conversation about my credentials. I was standing in the Lost Art Press booth with my back to a bunch of bearded fellows who were debating the fine points of workbenches. … Continue reading

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Be an Informed Woodworker (It’s Easy!)

Customers complain when they miss out on a special poster, book or shirt with a common refrain: Wahhh, I don’t have time to follow woodworking blogs and websites. I’m not sure what they want us to say in reply. Perhaps: … Continue reading

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Handworks: Stuff to Stand in Line For

When the doors open at Handworks 2017 at 10 a.m. on Friday, May 19, here’s a list of the stuff we’ll have in limited supply. In other words, stop by early to avoid disappointment. Also, please don’t ask us to … Continue reading

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