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2 Classes in Florida – Chairs & Toolboxes

I’m teaching two classes at the Florida School of Woodwork in Tampa in February 2020. Registration began yesterday, and let me repeat the two most important words from my first sentence: Florida and February. The Tampa school is relatively new … Continue reading

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Lie-Nielsen Will be Here Tomorrow & Saturday

Oh my. You are looking a little ill. Are you feeling OK? Perhaps you should stay home from work on Friday and rest. Lie-Nielsen Toolworks is putting on one of its Hand Tool Events in our workshop this Friday (10 … Continue reading

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I am this Dang Clock

I bought an old Westclox school clock for the shop right before our building’s 2018 Christmas party. Why did I buy a clock for a party? Read this. When I received the old clock I plugged it in. Nothing happened. … Continue reading

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‘The Anarchist’s Design Book’ is Done Designed

Minutes before I left town last week to teach a chairmaking class I completed the layout for the expanded edition of “The Anarchist’s Design Book.” Megan Fitzpatrick is editing it (perhaps even as I type this). Briony Morrow-Cribbs needs to … Continue reading

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Last Call for the Free PDF with ‘The Solution at Hand’

Robert Wearing’s “The Solution at Hand: Jigs & Fixtures to Make Benchwork Easier” has been printed and is en route to our warehouse in Indiana. As soon as it arrives, we will discontinue the special pre-publication offer where you receive … Continue reading

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Unexpected Question

When I finish teaching a class at a woodworking school, there is always a debriefing. The owner asks me how the class went. Were there rough spots? Things that could be improved the next time? It’s standard “let’s be responsible … Continue reading

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Sometimes You Have to Say it

For the most part, I try to live by the mantra: Show, don’t tell. But when people ask me questions about the business side of Lost Art Press, I sometimes have to straight up tell people how we work. The … Continue reading

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