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‘The Anarchist’s Design Book: Expanded Edition’ Now Shipping

Our warehouse has begun shipping out copies of “The Anarchist’s Design Book: Expanded Edition.” If you placed a pre-publication order, you will be notified when the book goes out. There were a lot of pre-publication orders, so it might take … Continue reading

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Order ‘Good Work: The Chairmaking Life of John Brown’

You can now place a pre-publication order for “Good Work: The Chairmaking Life of John Brown” by Christopher Williams. The book is $49 and will ship in March 2020. If you order before that date, you will receive a free … Continue reading

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‘Anarchist’s Design Book’ Shipping Soon

Our printer has shipped “The Anarchist’s Design Book: Expanded Edition” from its docks and it is en route to our warehouse in Indiana. After it arrives, employees will insert an errata sheet into each copy and mail out all the … Continue reading

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Our Shop Finish Recipe

We use a lot of finishes in our workshop, from soap to shellac, but the one we recommend for beginning finishers is one we mix up ourselves. It’s what Bob Flexner would label an oil/varnish blend. We just call it … Continue reading

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OK, You Can Stay

Anyone who has read “The Anarchist’s Tool Chest” or worked in my shop knows that I dislike French-fitted cubbyholes for tools. I prefer my tools to roam free and migrate amongst my tills as they rise and fall in importance … Continue reading

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Errata: Staked Low Stool in ‘The Anarchist’s Design Book’

While building the Staked Low Stool this weekend during a class, I discovered a significant keystroke error in my text. I also noticed an inconsistency between the cutting list and the text. So yesterday I rebuilt the stool to confirm … Continue reading

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Technical Updates to Our PDFs

This week we pushed out updates to almost all of our books that are available via pdf. So… No. 1: Please don’t worry, the emails aren’t a scam. They are indeed from us. No. 2: What changed? This is a … Continue reading

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