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Publisher of woodworking books and videos specializing in hand tool techniques.

More Crucible Lump Hammers on Thursday

A large number of Crucible Lump Hammers will go up for sale in our store at noon Eastern time on Thursday, Nov. 15. This likely will be the last batch of lump hammers we will sell before Christmas. This is … Continue reading

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Blue Spruce Sliding Bevel & Try Square

Blue Spruce Toolworks is known mostly for tools that cut – knives and chisels – and not tools that lay out. That’s a shame because the Blue Spruce bevel gauge and try square are excellent tools with some special features. … Continue reading

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Make Your Own Dang Shirt (or get it Forwarded)

We get asked on an almost-daily basis why we don’t ship things overseas. The answer is: We do. We ship our books to our international vendors so they can sell them to customers with a reasonable shipping cost. But what … Continue reading

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Anarchist’s Gift Guide Supplement No. 2: IKEA Tapes

Today I had to return to IKEA to buy some sheepskins to outfit the stick chairs I’m building, and I was stopped cold by one of the company’s displays. It was a bunch of 36” plastic flexible tapes, offered for … Continue reading

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Lost Art Press on ‘The Highland Woodworker’

  Charles Brock and Stephen Price from “The Highland Woodworker” stopped by recently to film a segment on Lost Art Press and our storefront. That day, Brendan Gaffney was teaching a class on building a sector, and Megan Fitzpatrick was … Continue reading

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This Saturday: The Chair Show at Lost Art Press

The Lost Art Press storefront will be open this Saturday (Nov. 10) from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. with our full array of books available to purchase, including our newest title “The Intelligent Hand.” In addition to that, Brendan and … Continue reading

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Finally, Lost Art Press Sweatshirts from Champion

In 1986, I left Arkansas and the farm and headed to Chicagoland to become a journalist. When I landed at Northwestern, I knew no one, but that changed 30 minutes after I checked into the dorm. During my first night, … Continue reading

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