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‘The Intelligent Hand’ by David Savage

Editor’s note: For several months I’ve wanted to tell you about a book that furniture maker David Savage is writing for Lost Art Press called “The Intelligent Hand.” But each time I tried to frame the book in words, I … Continue reading

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Printing Complete for ‘Roman Workbenches’

Brian Stuparyk at Steam Whistle Letterpress reports that he (and his family) have completed printing the letterpress pages for “Roman Workbenches.” Soon (I hope this week) the sheets will be packed up and trucked to the bindery in Massachusetts. As … Continue reading

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Hello Perdix, You Old Friend

Today Narayan Nayar and I took the train to Pompeii to look at a fresco that features Perdix, a Roman workbench and some adult content suitable for Cinemax. (“Oh my, I don’t think I have enough money for this pizza.” … Continue reading

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To Herculaneum

No matter how much you read about a person, a piece of furniture or a place, the real thing is always different. Today, Narayan Nayar and I visited Herculaneum, the doomed coastal city in Italy that has changed the way … Continue reading

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‘Making Things Work’ by Nancy R. Hiller

As cautionary woodworking tales go, Nancy R. Hiller’s might just be the funniest – and the most sincere. Standing in contrast to James Krenov’s “The Impractical Cabinetmaker” from 1979, Hiller’s new book, “Making Things Work: Tales from a Cabinetmaker’s Life,” … Continue reading

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Chris vs. the Volcano

I leave for Naples, Italy, in the morning to research Roman workbenches, which is a shocking sentence to write. When I wrote my first book on workbenches, I had never seen an ancient French workbook in person. I’d never used … Continue reading

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On Sale: Roubo ‘Pied du Roi’ Rulers

When translating Andre Roubo’s “l’Art du menuisier,” we debated converting all of his dimensions to U.S. Customary Units or metric. After some discussion, we decided to leave them as-is for the same reason that we tried to maintain Roubo’s writing … Continue reading

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