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Another Early Chair (Without Antlers!)

With the dugout chair complete and installed in the Lost Art Press Mechanical Library, I can move onto the next item on my long list of things I need to build before I die. Next up is a Klismos chair, … Continue reading

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Booked for the Year

One of the biggest fears when you work for yourself is that the work will dry up. You will suddenly go from eating ricotta to ramen. And then you will call Mike Siemsen to get his recipe for “wiener water … Continue reading

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Hey Schwarz, Are You Chinese?

When you grow in Arkansas with even a hint of a swarthy complexion, you’re going to get bullied and harassed. When I entered fifth grade at Woods Elementary, my teacher asked me in front of the class if I was … Continue reading

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This Way Sinners

Memory is a damn funny thing. It can be as impossible to hold onto as a handful of water. And yet you can drown in a cup of it. Today I went to pick up a load of sugar pine … Continue reading

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Closing the Book

One of my peculiarities is that I try to complete the writing for a book before the close of the calendar year. I believe I’ve been doing this ever since writing “Campaign Furniture.” Maybe longer. This year is no different. … Continue reading

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Sorry, I Won’t Make Cheap Crap

Some readers have gritched about our upcoming chore coat. I had to delete a couple of the profane comments (we don’t do profanity here), but the gist of the comments was that the coat is a fancy thing, and it … Continue reading

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Update: Lost Art Press Chore Coat

The Oregon garment factory has just produced our first chore coat prototype using the Japanese cotton that Tom Bonamici has selected. Tom wants to make a couple small adjustments to the way the collar will sit, but he is almost … Continue reading

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