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Stretchers on Your Workbench are Optional

The video we’ve recently released, “Roubo Workbench: By Hand & Power Video,” is intended to be a brain dump from me and Will Myers on building slab workbenches. Not only do we show the techniques we’ve developed to make it … Continue reading

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Nancy R. Hiller: Cold Hands & Difficult Handwork

The glaring disparity between my skills and those of most of my fellow students in the vocational school’s furniture making classes just magnified my sense of incompetence. So I felt a certain schadenfreude when the bench room, normally quiet, rang … Continue reading

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Last Chance for Black-stained Pages on ‘Anarchist’s Design Book’

We just ordered the third printing of “The Anarchist’s Design Book” and decided to omit the black staining of the book block for this and future printings. Though we love the look, it is incredibly expensive, tricky to do and … Continue reading

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Nancy R. Hiller: On the Importance of Conjunctions

A few years ago I met one of our town’s most respected figures: a husband and father who has held several elected public offices and devoted his career to the cause of social justice. As we shook hands he said, … Continue reading

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A Redneck Woodworker, Minus the Accent

A few years ago, a new neighbor stopped me while I was on a run. “Hey, I know you. You’re Christopher Schwarz,” he said. “What are you doing here, visiting?” No, I told him, I live here. Then he looked … Continue reading

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Countdown to Nancy R. Hiller at Lost Art Press

Editor’s Note: In seven days Nancy R. Hiller will read a selection from her fantastic book “Making Things Work” at our Covington, Ky., storefront. After that, there will be the usual post-reading activities: bashing a pinata shaped like a biscuit … Continue reading

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An Early Split-top Workbench from Spain

Researcher Suzanne Ellison recently turned up this unusual Spanish split-top workbench that resides in the Museo Ángel Orensanz y Artes del Serrablo. It’s remarkable to find an early split-top bench (which were quite unusual until recently, thanks to Mike Siemsen … Continue reading

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