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Publisher of woodworking books and videos specializing in hand tool techniques.

2 Classes in Munich this October

I’m teaching two courses in Munich this October at the new and expanded workshop for Dictum GmbH. Today I visited the new workshop, and it is impressive. Located by the Munich Ostbanhof (east train station), the new facilities are flooded … Continue reading

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About the ‘Love Potion’ in ‘Ingenious Mechanicks’

In our research for “Ingenious Mechanicks,” we translated parts of a codex from 1505 that was written and illustrated by Martin Löffelholz. In it, Löffelholz showed what are likely the first modern workbenches with a tail vise and face vise. … Continue reading

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On Obsolescence. This is Not a Complaint.

This morning about 4 a.m. I sat bolt upright in bed when the bells at the Niederaltaich Abbey began making an end-of-the-world clanging. Instead of cursing, however, I laid back and felt a small measure of solidarity with the noisemakers. … Continue reading

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John Brown: ‘One Day I Saw a Chair…’

We are fast closing in on the publication date of the classic book “Welsh Stick Chairs” by John Brown. This compact book has had a profound effect on woodworkers and designers all over the world. It is the story of … Continue reading

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Get Your Fill at Suckfüll

This morning I freaked out a bit. Tomorrow I head to Dictum GmbH’s classroom at Niederaltaich Abbey, and I realized that I’ve forgotten my universal translator. The universal translator has nothing to do with transforming my English to German (the … Continue reading

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Now Shipping: Lost Art Press Bandanas

We have just received our limited-edition bandanas in our Indiana warehouse and are ready to ship them out immediately. The bandanas are made and printed in the United States and are $24, which includes domestic shipping. We have only 500 … Continue reading

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Finally, a Printing of Nicholson Worth Buying

Peter Nicholson’s “The Mechanic’s Companion” is one of the landmark English-language books on woodworking (plus carpentry, blacksmithing and other allied trades). But the current versions available to read are hard to recommend: The Google Books version is free, and it’s … Continue reading

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