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Whetstones for Dull Wits and Liars

If you are a diligent woodworker you have a sharpening station, all your edge tools are clean and sharp and your sharpening stones nice and flat. How about your mind? Sharp, or nice and flat? What about your truthiness? It … Continue reading

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Round the Corners of a Plane Iron

If the corners of a handplane’s cutter are not supposed to cut wood, then I remove them. OK, let me put that a different way. Some handplanes are supposed to cut into corners: rabbet planes, shoulder planes, moulding planes and … Continue reading

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Sharp Edges Cut Out Profanity

That’s a pretty good incentive don’t you think? Sharpen your tools and stop swearing. Everybody Does It – A Sharpening World Tour Neolithic polissoirs, characterized by straight grooves and a shallow basin, were used to sharpen axes, arrows and blades. … Continue reading

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The ‘Sharpen This’ Speech – Now Available

Highland Woodworking has published my “Sharpen This – the Hand-tool Backlash” speech that I gave at the Lie-Nielsen Open House a couple years ago. You can read the whole thing in Highland’s newsletter here. (Note: You can subscribe to the … Continue reading

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Sept. 9 at Our Storefront: ‘Sharpenday’

Next Saturday, Sept. 9, is our regularly scheduled open day for Lost Art Press. We’ll have our complete line of books plus a good number of slightly damaged books at 50 percent of retail (cash only). And T-shirts. Coffee. Stickers. … Continue reading

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Sharpen This, Part 10: Oh, Stewardess! I Speak Jive

Some days I wish there were a Google Translate filter for woodworking forums and podcasts. It would allow people to understand what is really being said. Below are some actual quotes I’ve heard through the years and my rough translation … Continue reading

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Sharpen This, Part 9: Guided by Voices

Read the other installments in the “Sharpen This” series via this link. When it comes to the topic of honing guides, I’d sooner have a double colonoscopy than discuss them. But here goes. Honing guides are jigs. They hold a … Continue reading

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