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Before taking off for a second scoop of England this summer Marsha, I mean Chris, gave me a key to the blog. Silly rabbit. In the last couple of weeks I’ve found some interesting woodworking references and will post a … Continue reading

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The Right Way to Use a Square

When I teach edge-jointing by hand, I am surprised by how many woodworkers (even experienced ones) evaluate their work incorrectly. For starters, every board has a “true face,” sometimes called a “datum surface.” This is the one surface that you … Continue reading

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I Speak Hayward…Though it’s Difficult

Originally posted on Rude Mechanicals Press:
I’m so very close to completing the copy edit on the forthcoming Lost Art Press book, “The Woodworker: The Charles Hayward Years.” I then have to traipse over to Kentucky to update the files,…

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The Hazards of Translating Felibien

Originally posted on essencedebois:
Fra Giovanni da Verona… The interesting thing about translating André Felibien’s “Des Principes de L’Architecture is how interesting it is, and how hazardous a simple whim, a passing, “I wonder” can be. There is the angel…

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An Incomplete Failure

For me, failure is like the first-person accounts I’ve heard from people who were saved from drowning or freezing to death. You struggle mightily. At some point, however, you stop and are gripped by calm or warmth. For the last … Continue reading

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Dutch Tool Chest DVD Now Available from Lie-Nielsen

After many requests from readers, I shot a DVD with Lie-Nielsen Toolworks on making a Dutch tool chest, and the DVD is now available from Lie-Nielsen. At 185 minutes, the DVD covers all aspects of chest construction, from design and … Continue reading

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More texture!

Chris’s recent post about texture reminded me of this Japanese bowl that I have: The bowl is extremely light in weight, which leads me to think that it is made from kiri (Royal Paulownia, Paulownia tomentosa). The finish is urushi, … Continue reading

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