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Plane maintenance

The handful of you who witnessed the incident during the Midwest Woodworking wood sale already know that my block plane spontaneously disassembled while I was using it to check out some 8/4 incense cedar, with the various components flying out … Continue reading

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Studley Tool Chest Exhibit FAQs

With the exhibit of the Studley Tool Chest and Workbench only nine months away (May 15-17, 2015, in Cedar Rapids, Iowa), I find myself fielding a lot of similar questions in email and conversations. So I took the time to … Continue reading

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Where Wood Comes From

For most people, the phrase “tropical hardwoods” conjures up a fuzzy image of some faraway jungle-like scene, in sort of the way that we understand the origin of the food in our supermarkets (hint: it does not come prepackaged). In … Continue reading

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Jay Gaynor

Say you’ve found something great. It might be a reference in an obscure book, or some odd device you lucked into on eBay, or a damn good bottle of Calvados brandy ­– whatever. Your first thought is of the guy … Continue reading

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The Oddest Cut Nails I’ve Seen

I’ve seen wrought nails made by a blacksmith. Cut nails made by a steel-gobbling machine. And wire nails snipped from enormous coils. But I don’t think I’ve seen nails that have been “stamped.” I think “stamped” is the right word. … Continue reading

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The History of Wood, Part 10

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Jonathan Fisher. Begin the Begin

People often ask: “Where do you get your ideas?” And people often ask: “Do you really like to travel so much?” The answer to each question is wrapped up in the other question. Then dipped in batter. And deep fried. … Continue reading

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