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Tools in ‘The Anarchist’s Tool Chest:’ Part 2-1/2, Frame Saws

I don’t know why my brain refused to acknowledge the two frame saws in my chest while I was writing part 2 of this series. So here’s part 2-1/2 of the series on my coping saw and fretsaw. Ah, now … Continue reading

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Mitre Box Manual, a Free Download

I adore my Millers Falls mitre box, and I’ve been bemused by a recent backlash against mitre boxes, which ruled the American worksite and garage during the first half of the 20th century. The argument against a mitre box is … Continue reading

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Do You Know The IAD?

In the Baltimore-Washington D.C. area we have three IADs. Most people aren’t aware of the first one, the Institute of American Deltiology, part of the University of Maryland Special Collections. There you can find over one million postcards and related … Continue reading

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Van Gogh’s Carpenters and Handsaw Quiver Varieties

This summer I bought a new book about Vincent Van Gogh and came across a couple of his sketches of carpenters. Like most artists, when Van Gogh wasn’t painting he was sketching and produced  many studies of working people. His … Continue reading

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An Interesting Early Saw

The first metallic saws were likely Egyptian, and they resembled a butter knife or a simplified Japanese pull saw. We know that saw technology migrated north to the Romans and Greeks. But most of the saws you see in early … Continue reading

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On the Misuse of Jigs

I can hold my tongue no longer. After a decade of teaching woodworking I have become fed up with schools, books and magazines that promote a jig that reduces the general skill level of the population. It slows you down. … Continue reading

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The Skill in Saw-Making

An Industry That Requires Intelligent Labor and Many Delicate Processes. How the Large Steel Plates Are Taken And Made to Suit the Uses of Man—Saws of All Sizes and Descriptions. The complexity of the industries to-day found in this city … Continue reading

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Common Woodworking Tools—Saws

It often occurs that an amateur, with a taste for mechanics, determines to go in for a small set of tools, and after having laid out four or five pounds at an ironmonger’s, finds by-and-by, to his sorrow, that his … Continue reading

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A Simple Saw Till for a Tool Chest

Because saws are delicate rust-magnets, storing them is a balancing act of protecting their bendable, rust-prone sawplates and still making them easy to get in and out of storage. There are many good solutions. This is a simple one that … Continue reading

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Introducing ‘The Naked Lady Saw’

The following blog post contains artistic (no, that’s too strong a word), um, renderings of the female human body that might offend if you are the kind of person who blushes while visiting the Metropolitan Museum of Art or viewing … Continue reading

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