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The ‘Hard Reset’ for Handplanes

No matter how expensive or well-made your handplane is, there are times when you have to perform a “hard reset” on the tool when it starts to behave unpredictably. I use my handplanes every day, so I have to do … Continue reading

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‘Handplane Essentials’ Now Available in French

Thanks to the tireless work of woodworker Yann Facchin, my book “Handplane Essentials” has been translated into French and is now available for sale. You can read about the book and order it through the publisher’s website here. I recently … Continue reading

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Level Tricky Corners with a Handplane

Many woodworkers struggle with leveling the front edges of a frameless cabinet. You have grain running at right angles all over the place. How do you get all the front edges flush without spelching the corners and also produce a … Continue reading

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Steve Voigt on Cap Irons

The highlight of the Lie-Nielsen Hand Tool Event in Covington, Ky., last weekend was finally getting to meet planemaker Steve Voigt and try out his tools. His double-iron wooden-bodied planes are fantastic – nimble, responsive and quite well-made. They also … Continue reading

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Beware the Cat’s Face

When a flat-sawn board has reversing grain it will usually exhibit a swirling grain pattern on its faces or edges, warning you that it could be difficult to plane. I have always heard this swirl as being called a “cat’s … Continue reading

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A Visit to Daed Toolworks

One of the benefits of not teaching this year (or the next) is that I have some extra time to visit friends and hang out in their shops. Yesterday I visited my friend and toolmaker Raney Nelson of Daed Toolworks … Continue reading

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Do You Know The IAD?

In the Baltimore-Washington D.C. area we have three IADs. Most people aren’t aware of the first one, the Institute of American Deltiology, part of the University of Maryland Special Collections. There you can find over one million postcards and related … Continue reading

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