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The Beard is Not Enough

So this week I sat down with my image consultant and he had some harsh words for me: “You need a ‘thing’ to set you apart from other woodworking bloggers, podcasters and television personalities.” I asked: “A thing?” “Yeah. Charles … Continue reading

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The Critics Amuse Me, Part 1

During almost every open day at the Lost Art Press storefront, someone asks the question: How do you endure the sniping, nitpicking and outright hostility toward your work? In response, I tell them one of six stories from my career … Continue reading

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Things That are Not

Shiny is not sharp Smooth is not flat Shaker is not simple Tools are not skills Ornament is not beauty Nails are not cheap Polyurethane is not a finish Grinding is not hard Design is not art Dimensions are not … Continue reading

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There’s Always a Joey to Give you Trouble

Whenever possible, I try to build projects in pairs. Building two pieces doesn’t take twice as long as building one project – it seems to add only about 25 percent to the hours I log in the shop. By building … Continue reading

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Home is Where the Pinus echinata is

When working in Australia, the weirdest thing about the experience wasn’t the accents, the plastic money or the fact that you can order a burger loaded with kangaroo and wallaby meat. It was the birdsong. Every day I walked a … Continue reading

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Be Fox Mulder, Not Cotton Mather

The best thing I can say about graduate school is that it taught me to think. When someone presents an idea to you that is the opposite of everything you’ve read before and everything you believe is true, how do … Continue reading

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A 1781 Workbench and Many Questions

The workbench shown above is featured in Johann Georg Krünitz’s “Oekonomische Encyklopädie,” a remarkable work of 242 volumes. I don’t have the translated text that accompanies this plate, so I’m going to make some educated guesses about this workbench. (In … Continue reading

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