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The Beard is Not Enough

So this week I sat down with my image consultant and he had some harsh words for me: “You need a ‘thing’ to set you apart from other woodworking bloggers, podcasters and television personalities.” I asked: “A thing?” “Yeah. Charles … Continue reading

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Letter: I Do Not Like Where Your Blog is Headed

Gary writes: I’ve tried to hold my tongue, but I cannot do it any longer. You are about to loose me as a subscriber to your blog and you should know why. First there was Jeff Burk (Burks?), who put … Continue reading

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Indexing The Anarchist’s Design Book: Butts? Bambi?

In the first 90 pages of “The Anarchist’s Design Book” Chris has used “butt” or “buttocks” thirty-seven times (that might be a slight exaggeration). I know, disturbing isn’t it? Especially when you consider the huge number of other terms he … Continue reading

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So Wrong: The ‘Satire’ Category

I’ve added a new category to the Lost Art Press blog: Satire. So now when I write a satirical piece, such as this, this or this, it will be filed in the “satire” category, which is shown at the bottom … Continue reading

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On the Misuse of Jigs

I can hold my tongue no longer. After a decade of teaching woodworking I have become fed up with schools, books and magazines that promote a jig that reduces the general skill level of the population. It slows you down. … Continue reading

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Toolmaker Killed in Workshop Accident

Raney Nelson, 44, a woodworker, toolmaker and father, was killed Saturday by a piece of flying debris in his Indiana workshop. While medical authorities are still working out the details, Hancock County Coroner Tammy Vangundy told the Greenfield (Ind.) Daily … Continue reading

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The Frugal Furniture Maker: Make Your Own Tack Rags

Only suckers and the richie-rich buy tack rags at the store. The rest of us can do a better job of making our own tack rags with simple shop chemicals and a just a few hours of work. Step one: … Continue reading

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