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Our Newest Sponsor

In addition to the Malodorous Mallet Co., we’re pleased to announce this blog is also sponsored by the Hold Harmless Clamp Co., makers of the No Dent Left Behind Squeezy Clamp. Hold Harmless clamps are prized for their patented “Released … Continue reading

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Our New Sponsor

Lately, I’ve been thinking, “Why not grab some of this internet sponsorship cash?” And so we have taken on a sponsor – the Malodorous Rubber Mallet Co. I’ve agreed to use the company’s mallets in social media photos and will … Continue reading

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A Chairmaking Revolution

You may have noticed that Chris and I have been making a lot of chairs recently. In the past few months, we’ve made a few incremental improvements and changes to our processes that make charmaking easier, more accurate and more … Continue reading

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The Beard is Not Enough

So this week I sat down with my image consultant and he had some harsh words for me: “You need a ‘thing’ to set you apart from other woodworking bloggers, podcasters and television personalities.” I asked: “A thing?” “Yeah. Charles … Continue reading

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Letter: I Do Not Like Where Your Blog is Headed

Gary writes: I’ve tried to hold my tongue, but I cannot do it any longer. You are about to loose me as a subscriber to your blog and you should know why. First there was Jeff Burk (Burks?), who put … Continue reading

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Indexing The Anarchist’s Design Book: Butts? Bambi?

In the first 90 pages of “The Anarchist’s Design Book” Chris has used “butt” or “buttocks” thirty-seven times (that might be a slight exaggeration). I know, disturbing isn’t it? Especially when you consider the huge number of other terms he … Continue reading

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So Wrong: The ‘Satire’ Category

I’ve added a new category to the Lost Art Press blog: Satire. So now when I write a satirical piece, such as this, this or this, it will be filed in the “satire” category, which is shown at the bottom … Continue reading

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