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Two Children’s Books: Making a Table & A Handplane Fairytale

Both books are from the Special Collections of the University of Washington Library. Although the page count is low, only 9-12 pages each, the illustrations pack a punch and you don’t have to read Russian to understand the stories. The … Continue reading

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Kanban: Shop Signs of Old Japan (and Bonus Content!)

During the Edo Period (1603-1868) urban centers of Japan expanded and merchants, relegated to the lower rungs of society, ran their own workshops and grew wealthy. As many shops had a similar appearance in crowded marketplaces, merchants used “kanban” (sign … Continue reading

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Work Apace…the Rest of Thomas Dekker’s Poem

After reading the recent post “Honest Labour – the Column that Named the Book,” I wanted to recent the whole of Thomas Dekker’s poem. Did you? Here it is. In case you missed the original post you can read it … Continue reading

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Trees on Streets and Maps

Many a woodworker, no matter the season, can identify every tree in their yard and neighborhood. You recognize and value trees for the wood they provide for your shop and also their role in improving our environment. Part of the … Continue reading

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Caption Challenge – Valentine’s Version Winner

Congratulations to Roger Dold, Valentine’s poet, and winner of a Lost Art Press T-shirt of his choice. Roger’s entry is frame-sawed below. Roger did not give a title to his work, so I offer (from Twelfth Night) “Love sought is … Continue reading

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Caption Challenge – Valentine’s Version

Calling all witty and wise-crackin’ woodworkers! It’s time for a new Caption Challenge. This challenge will run until midnight Monday, Feb. 17 EDT. Chris Schwarz will send the winner a prize (Editor’s note: It’s a T-shirt of your choosing). The … Continue reading

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Whetstones for Dull Wits and Liars

If you are a diligent woodworker you have a sharpening station, all your edge tools are clean and sharp and your sharpening stones nice and flat. How about your mind? Sharp, or nice and flat? What about your truthiness? It … Continue reading

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