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A Midsummer’s Bench

Oh, I want a bench for my garden! With a few cushions and wrapped in three layers of  mosquito netting I would be happy on this bench. It is the form known as a vendebenk and was made in Norway by … Continue reading

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A constellation of carvers will soon be gathering in Plymouth, Massachusetts for Greenwood Fest 2018 so I thought a taste of non-European spoons, ladles and scoops (some ceremonial, some for daily use) might be in order. Africa Let’s start big … Continue reading

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The Nuts of “Ingenious Mechanicks”

While researching “Ingenious Mechanicks” Chris Schwarz and I found many workbenches with face vises and some of them actually had vise nuts. In the montage above there are selections from paintings from Spain, Italy and what is now present-day Ecuador. … Continue reading

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(Not) Fade Away: Banc à tournis, Strycsitten and Vändbänken

Medieval homes were sparsely furnished, and each piece usually would have more than one function. One of the intriguing bench styles that can be found in many manuscript images is the bench with a flip-able back rest. The form seems … Continue reading

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Ingenious Mechanicks: Ah-ha!

This time last year Chris Schwarz and Narayan Nayar were in Naples, Italy. In between consuming vast quantities of pizza they made a visit to Pompeii to study and photograph a fresco depicting a Roman workbench (Daedalus and Queen Pasiphae … Continue reading

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Ingenious Mechanicks: Finding Saint Joseph

Although Saint Joseph was a carpenter it can be a challenge to find him working as such in many paintings of the Holy Family. Prior to his rejuvenation during the Counter-Reformation he was often an ancillary figure, off to the … Continue reading

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Ingenious Mechanicks: Proving It

While sifting through bushels of old images for the research for “Ingenious Mechanicks,” Chris and I would often come across some odd something or other that made us scratch our heads. To give you a look behind the scenes, I’ll … Continue reading

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