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The ‘Spirited’ Workshop – Part 1

Part 1 includes the drinking of alcoholic beverages in the workshop and at the work site, the practice of footings and fees collected in the workshop and drinking after the workday ended. Before water was clean and safe to drink … Continue reading

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From Six to Six

The struggle to change the workday from sunrise to sunset to a ten-hour day was long and contentious. There were legal challenges to overcome in a country that had long followed English laws and customs. As journeymen formed their own … Continue reading

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Rest for the Weary

Pride in Craft and Accomplishment The completion of the Erie Canal, the first navigable water link between the Northeast and the Midwest, was cause for celebration. A grand procession was held with the participation of the various artisan societies, including … Continue reading

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A Tour of John Hill’s Workshop

In “The Tate Gallery Illustrated Biennial Report 1983-1984” two of the recently acquired works were paintings of carpentry shops. The articles that discuss the history and importance of the acquired works are usually written by curators and museum department heads. … Continue reading

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Notes on America 1585-1850

Gather together documents written by early visitors to America, some 17th century laws and a few 19th century advertisements, run them through a woodworking sifter and what do you get?  Read on and see. A Few Trees of Interest The … Continue reading

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‘Frog Backs to Turkey Legs’

High-backs, low-backs, ball-backs, sack-backs, crown backs. The terms used by chairmakers to describe the details of a chair are various and often confusing. The 1996 issue of American Furniture included a meaty article by Nancy Goyne Evans (author of many … Continue reading

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Animals in the Workshop*

*Updated to correct fox-wedged tenon. The natural world provides a huge vocabulary to help us describe what we do and make. Birdseye can be a pattern in maple, a textile and a chile. In the workshop, names of animals (or parts … Continue reading

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