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Ingenious Mechanicks: Finding Saint Joseph

Although Saint Joseph was a carpenter it can be a challenge to find him working as such in many paintings of the Holy Family. Prior to his rejuvenation during the Counter-Reformation he was often an ancillary figure, off to the … Continue reading

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Ingenious Mechanicks: Proving It

While sifting through bushels of old images for the research for “Ingenious Mechanicks,” Chris and I would often come across some odd something or other that made us scratch our heads. To give you a look behind the scenes, I’ll … Continue reading

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Bedlam in the Workshop

This is one image you won’t see in Chris’ new book “Ingenious Mechanicks: Early Workbenches & Workholding.” –Suzanne Ellison

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Caption Challenge with an Elephant!

The image is from 1634 and needs a caption. ‘Nusquam tuta fides’ translates as ‘no trust is ever sure’ but don’t let that get in your way. –Suzanne Ellison

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Clothing-optional Caption Challenge!

      Tune-up your think melons and caption this painting. The painting is 17th-century and by an unknown Italian artist. The companion painting featured unclad blacksmiths. –Suzanne Ellison

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I Made This !

In 1559 Richard Dale, a local carpenter, completed an addition to Little Moreton Hall that included a large bay window to light the new dining room. The estate owner was apparently very pleased with the job and allowed Dale to … Continue reading

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Today’s New York Times has a nice article about the Wandergesellen, the journeymen tradition, that continues in parts of Europe. There are loads of photos and you can read it here. It also confirms that bell-bottoms never go out of … Continue reading

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