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Notes on America 1585-1850

Gather together documents written by early visitors to America, some 17th century laws and a few 19th century advertisements, run them through a woodworking sifter and what do you get?  Read on and see. A Few Trees of Interest The … Continue reading

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‘Frog Backs to Turkey Legs’

High-backs, low-backs, ball-backs, sack-backs, crown backs. The terms used by chairmakers to describe the details of a chair are various and often confusing. The 1996 issue of American Furniture included a meaty article by Nancy Goyne Evans (author of many … Continue reading

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Animals in the Workshop*

*Updated to correct fox-wedged tenon. The natural world provides a huge vocabulary to help us describe what we do and make. Birdseye can be a pattern in maple, a textile and a chile. In the workshop, names of animals (or parts … Continue reading

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Four Zilm Family Chairs

My first thought on seeing the photo of this chair was, “that certainly is an armchair.” It turns out that was the maker’s intention – to make a visual pun of an Armstuhl. The chair was made by Johann Friedrich … Continue reading

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Chair Chat: The Welsh and the Irish

On Saturday, Chris Schwarz and I had our biennial chair conversation. I subjected him to a mind probe about his recently purchased a Welsh stick chair and an Irish Gibson stick chair he is currently building. Suzanne: Please confirm if … Continue reading

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Trees – “Giant Organic Recording Devices”

Today’s New York Times has an interesting article about dendrochronology and related fields of research. You can read the article here. –Suzanne Ellison

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Snap a Line!

When I was 7 my father called me out to the patio to help him as he was building a bookcase. He told me to hold a string to the end of a board, hold it tight and don’t let … Continue reading

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