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Caption Challenge and a Prize!

Yes, my darlings, we will have a prize for the best entry submitted for this Caption Challenge. Sharpen your wits and enter** as many times as you wish. The Challenge ends on January 1, 2019 at 1500 hours in my … Continue reading

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A Fairy Tale for the Frenzied Woodworker

While you work feverishly to finish a commission for a customer or gifts for family and friends do you sometimes find yourself giving the side eye to those acquiring gifts with the mere click of a button? Perhaps you are … Continue reading

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The general miserableness of August has been bearing down on me this month. Heat, humidity, everything in the newspapers and mosquitoes have driven me to stay inside. There is a stack of favorite books to reread and stacks more of … Continue reading

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The Artistry of Tools

The trades of the carpenter, joiner, cabinetmaker and turner, and their tools, have long been an inspiration for artists. Woodworkers and tool historians have, in turn, studied artwork to learn how tools were used in the past and how they … Continue reading

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‘Hands Employed Aright’ Indeed

I’ve read Joshua Klein’s new book “Hands Employed Aright” at least five times to complete the index and also for pleasure. It is one of my favorite books I’ve read so far this year. To say that Jonathan Fisher, the … Continue reading

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A Midsummer’s Bench

Oh, I want a bench for my garden! With a few cushions and wrapped in three layers of  mosquito netting I would be happy on this bench. It is the form known as a vendebenk and was made in Norway by … Continue reading

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A constellation of carvers will soon be gathering in Plymouth, Massachusetts for Greenwood Fest 2018 so I thought a taste of non-European spoons, ladles and scoops (some ceremonial, some for daily use) might be in order. Africa Let’s start big … Continue reading

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