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The Making of a Workshop Painting

Editor’s note: One of the ridiculous and wonderful things we did for Joshua Klein’s book “Hands Employed Aright: The Furniture Production of Jonathan Fisher (1768-1847)” is to commission a painting of Fisher in his workshop. Klein came up with the … Continue reading

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“The Notebook of Philadelphia Joiner John Widdifield”

In the autumn of 2015 there was considerable interest in the auction of  the notebook of the early-18th century joiner, John Widdifield. A private collector prevailed in the auction and agreed to make the notebook available for publication and study … Continue reading

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A Well-furnished Roman Sarcophagus

Although Roman furniture is well represented in frescoes, mosaics and sculptures few pieces of wooden furniture survive. The pieces we have for study survived in wet environments such as ship wrecks and wells or were carbonized and buried during the … Continue reading

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A 2,400-year-old Heart-shaped Box

The Ma’agan Mikhael, a 5th-century BCE Cypriot merchantman, was found off the coast of Israel in 1985. The wreck was an important find in learning more about ancient shipbuilding techniques and trade practices. After excavation and preservation the reconstructed hull was placed … Continue reading

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For Your Bookshelf: Peasant Art in Sweden, Lapland and Iceland

Do you need a dose of handmade and hand-decorated? Try “Peasant Art in Sweden, Lapland and Iceland” edited by Charles Holme and published in 1910. This gorgeous little book includes sections on textiles, metalwork, horn carving and a large section … Continue reading

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Two Short Stories: Renaissance Hijinks and a Nova Scotia Legend

If you are looking for some light reading to add to your digital book wheel I have two short stories for you featuring woodworkers. The first story, from 15th-century Italy, is “La novella del grasso legnajuolo” (The Story of the … Continue reading

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Raise Your Glass – It’s Jacob Arend Day!

Three hundred years ago today, Jacob Arend (1688-1744), a journeyman cabinetmaker in his brother’s workshop in Würzburg, wrote a letter and hid it in a magnificent Baroque writing cabinet. The letter was not placed in one of the secret drawers … Continue reading

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