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Marco Terenzi

I spent the afternoon with Marco Terenzi in his shop today. As I was shooting this picture, he said: “Wait. I’m not supposed to smile, am I? Craftsmen never smile in photos. I have to look all stoic.” More details … Continue reading

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Notes on the Lie-Nielsen Honing Guide

For almost two years now, I’ve been using a Lie-Nielsen honing guide to sharpen all my plane and chisel blades. It’s an outstanding little tool and was well worth the long wait for it to come into full production. Unlike … Continue reading

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Did the Router Beget the Handplane?

At any idle moment, I dive into editing our massive Charles H. Hayward project. Unfortunately, I am the bottleneck in this project. Megan Fitzpatrick has edited the entire thing and entered most of her changes, but I am far behind … Continue reading

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Buy Now or Forever… etc.

You might have heard that Karl Holtey will cease making planes soon. If you have ever wanted one, now is the time to buy as they will only go up in value. I got to fondle two of them at … Continue reading

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Caleb James Taking Orders for Beading Planes

Beading planes are the crack of the wooden moulding plane world. If you’ve had trouble finding a good beader, consider buying a new one from Caleb James or one of the other great makers. Caleb has just opened orders for … Continue reading

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Stanley Handplane Instructions, Circa 1968

Stanley Works used to publish a brilliant booklet called the “Tool Guide” that contained miniature posters that offered instruction on setup, care and use of hand tools. These booklets weren’t just for woodworkers – you can learn to rivet and … Continue reading

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Way Before James Krenov

While researching some crazy bit of something, I stumbled on this description and drawing of Silcock and Lowe’s Patent Planes from the 1844 edition of Mechanics’ Magazine in England. I read it. Then I read it again. Indeed. They are … Continue reading

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