‘Handplane Essentials’ Now Available in French


Thanks to the tireless work of woodworker Yann Facchin, my book “Handplane Essentials” has been translated into French and is now available for sale. You can read about the book and order it through the publisher’s website here.

I recently received a copy of the book and am impressed that the publisher took pains to manufacture the book on high-quality paper. The book block is sewn (like our books at Lost Art Press). And the binding job is first-rate. And, as a bonus, the book is printed in France.

(I am mentioning the great job that Editions du Vieux Chene did with this book to also shame the overseas publishers that have been printing my F+W books on glorified newsprint. Apologies, but I have zero control over that.)


The French translation of “Handplane Essentials” is of the revised edition of the book, so it has all the information in the current English version, which is available here.

Thanks to Yann and the French publisher for doing such a fine job.

— Christopher Schwarz

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8 Responses to ‘Handplane Essentials’ Now Available in French

  1. julienhardy says:

    Finalement ! Nom de Dieu ! 🙂

  2. Tal Deus says:


  3. Norman Reid says:

    If you don’t read French, the publisher’s name translates as “Old Oak Editions.” Appropriate, I think.

  4. Completing the Roubo cycle with a publishing company bearing the name “Old Oak”. Nice!

  5. artisandcw says:

    Gander, meet sauce.

  6. Jérémie says:

    I already got the english book, but I might take this one, just because I’m so happy to see your books translated. I want to see more of them, really

  7. Bert Vanderveen says:

    O la la — a classic gaffe that we typographers spot rightaway: a minute (aka prime) instead of an apostrophe on the cover. Such mistakes spoil even the best of efforts to produce a ‘good’ book form me, alas.

  8. agathe says:

    I read it in french( my mother language). This is a great book, pleasant to read, nice pictures and most of all, I’ve learned so many things. This is right the book I needed to enhance my use of handplanes.

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