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A Campaign Stool Mystery

While teaching at The Furniture Institute of Massachusetts this week, Phil Lowe pulled out an interesting conservation (or restoration) project he was working on for a customer. It was a footstool that was in pretty bad shape because the joints … Continue reading

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Patterns for a Camp Stool Seat

If you own “Campaign Furniture,” you might want to visit my other blog where I posted some free full-size scans of the patterns I use to make the seat and the three “pockets” for the stool. This is made with … Continue reading

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Ode to a Type of Wood

O teak! You delight of clients’ wives, refuge of architects, and the dot over the “i” of honoraria. You fiendishly indestructible and shitty brown. You are so Asiatic Company-like and so noble that you cannot even stand being painted in … Continue reading

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On Teak

There is some wood that I cannot bear to discard, no matter how small the scrap. A quick survey of my wood rack this morning revealed bundles of very old quartered yellow pine, huon pine, Honduran mahogany and stacks of … Continue reading

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Nice Video of Klint’s Safari Chair

If you’d like a close look at some of the details of Kaare Klint’s Safari Chair, check out this video (OK, it’s a commercial) from Carl Hansen & Søn on the piece. You get to see the elegant cigar-shape stretchers … Continue reading

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Fantastic Campaign Stool Hardware from Lee Valley

It’s available now. Details on my other blog here.

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Civil War Seating – You Could do a Book

Campaign seating is one of my favorite furniture topics. Roorkee chairs, X-stools, Fenby-patent chairs etc. are all interesting because they are portable, mechanical and (duh) chairs. Jeff Burks recently turned up a number of fascinating Civil War photographs by James … Continue reading

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