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A Carnival of Sorts

This crazy-looking saw till was on sale at the American College of the Building Arts yesterday, and I really want to build one without the wild paint job. The tool dealer who was selling the till said he found it … Continue reading

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A History of Coping Saws in Five Paragraphs

This week I’m working on a magazine article on coping saws and I’d like to include a few paragraphs about its ancestors and the development of the saw. My view is that the modern coping saw is related to the … Continue reading

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Any Workman, However Unskillful

The unlimited field which is open to inventors, and the boundless fertility of ideas which is constantly busy in filling this field, are both strikingly illustrated in the invention here represented. In working wood by carpenters and others, a great … Continue reading

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Letters to Disston

This is a New Zealand saw fitting shop. Mr. Fraser surely seems to have a pretty complete assortment, and it is interesting to note from his letter that Disston Saws are in almost universal use in New Zealand. Henry Disston … Continue reading

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The Advantages of Saws with ‘Tapered’ or ‘Canted’ Blades

During every class I teach where we pick up a saw, a students always asks the following question: Why is your sawblade narrower at the toe? This characteristic of some backsaws is curious at first to the modern eye. Many … Continue reading

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Why I Bought a SawStop Table Saw

If I invented a pill that cured cancer, I can assure you that I wouldn’t try to force it down your throat via legislation, regulation or some other governmental mandate. After my early career as a newspaperman writing about government, … Continue reading

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Selling Atkins Saws

Importance of Getting Your Article Right First and then Advertising it Emphasized by the Experience of the Manufacturers—How E.C. Atkins Started a Business that Now Employs 1200 Men in the Home Plant—Sought Publicity Through the Trade Papers First—Now Uses General … Continue reading

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He is employed by the Carpenter, the Cabinet-maker, and the Cooper, to cut wood into the required boards, planks, and battens, for their respective operations. This he performs by placing the tree or timber, on strong tressels, usually laid across … Continue reading

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Manufacture of Saws in Sheffield

Although some of our readers are doubtless well acquainted with the manufacture of the above-named articles we think that the greater part of them are ignorant of anything connected with the manufacture of saws, and that a few facts relative … Continue reading

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Bostwick’s Giant Riding Saw Machine

A simple method of quickly cross-cutting a log has long been required by those who have to do with unsawn timber. The time and trouble involved by the employment of two sawyers is a serious item in lumbering expenses, and … Continue reading

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