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Adding a pdf to Your iPad

Several readers have reported some difficulty in manually adding pdfs of our books to their iPads. Here is a short tutorial on several ways to do it. As always, technology changes so fast that we recommend searching the web for … Continue reading

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Forgotten Details of Cooking & Screwing

Whenever I have to wait in a doctor’s office, I don’t mess around with their pile of last year’s Time magazines. I bring my own really old magazines – and this week it was issues of The Woodworker from 1916. … Continue reading

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Your Assignment Today…

The lessons inside “By Hand & Eye” cannot be learned by reading alone, any more than you can learn to cut dovetails from a book. You must put pencil to paper so the book’s ideas about proportion will become physical … Continue reading

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First Review of ‘Calvin Cobb: Radio Woodworker’

J. Norman Reid of Wood News Online reviewed Roy Underhill’s “Calvin Cobb: Radio Woodworker! – A Novel with Measured Drawings” for the most recent issue. Here’s a short excerpt: “Fun, fast-moving and filled with vivid though sometimes arcane period details … Continue reading

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4 More Unprofitable Posters (Free for You & Shawn)

Shawn Graham needs to decorate the walls of his woodworking school, Wortheffort in Austin, Texas. So I cleaned the scanner of drool after dealing with the cover for “Calvin Cobb: Radio Woodworker!” and have four new posters for you. These … Continue reading

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More Unprofitable Shop Posters!

Because our poster experiment last week was so unsuccesful (I think six people sent me photos of their Hayward shop posters), we’ve decided to do it again – this time with original images from my collection that were already scanned … Continue reading

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How to Make Money Making Posters!

Every week a customer suggests we sell posters, postcards, calendars, stationary or sketchbooks that feature a piece of artwork or photograph from one of our Lost Art Press products. It’s flattering, but we decline. During my tenure in publishing, I’ve … Continue reading

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