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More Unprofitable Shop Posters!

Because our poster experiment last week was so unsuccesful (I think six people sent me photos of their Hayward shop posters), we’ve decided to do it again – this time with original images from my collection that were already scanned … Continue reading

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How to Make Money Making Posters!

Every week a customer suggests we sell posters, postcards, calendars, stationary or sketchbooks that feature a piece of artwork or photograph from one of our Lost Art Press products. It’s flattering, but we decline. During my tenure in publishing, I’ve … Continue reading

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Furniture Styles: From Gothic to the 20th Century

After reading Charles H. Hayward’s writings during his tenure as editor of The Woodworker, I think he was of two minds about furniture. While the magazine was filled with plans for up-to-date pieces that would look at home on the … Continue reading

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Install a Half-mortise Chest Lock

Last weekend at the San Diego Fine Woodworkers Association I didn’t have time to install the chest lock on the campaign-style officer’s trunk I built for the organization’s fall seminar. And so I promised I would post directions from “The … Continue reading

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Charles Hayward, Coffins & a Tribute

While scanning more than 350 old magazines edited by Charles Hayward, we kept running into articles that were made us pause because they were so interesting, yet we didn’t have a place for them in our forthcoming book. We clipped … Continue reading

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‘By Hand & Eye’ Animations

Here you can download the geometry animations discussed in “By Hand & Eye” by George Walker and Jim Tolpin. There are a variety of ways to download them to your computer or watch them. Download the following .zip file. After … Continue reading

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True Grit II: A Chart for Deciphering Sharpening Gear

Pure opinion: Buying sharpening stuff would be easier if manufacturers used microns to describe the particle size of the abrasive in each product. While microns isn’t a perfect description, it’s a heck of a lot better than saying a stone … Continue reading

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