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Workbench Personality No. 3: The Cheapskate

Quick editor’s note: These entries on the six kinds of workbench builders are all 100 percent true. I have removed the names of the people involved (except for Todd). Note that I have only love for these nutjobs. My encounters … Continue reading

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Workbench Personality No. 2: The Traditionalist

The Traditionalist sends me an email. He wants to find a source for his slab workbench top. It needs to be 6” thick, 20” wide and 9’ long. One piece of oak. And rived. Definitely rived. Rived is best. He’s … Continue reading

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The 6 Different Workbench Builders

I’ve built more workbenches than any other woodworking project. I’ve taught more workbench classes than any other type of class. And I’ve written more words about workbenches than I care to remember. During the last two decades, I’ve encountered six … Continue reading

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Trailer for ‘Roubo Workbench: By Hand & Power’

Above is a trailer for our video “Roubo Workbench: By Hand & Power” that Will Myers and I shot earlier this year. If you are thinking about building a French workbench using a giant slab, you might find the 4-hour-long … Continue reading

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Conquer a Wonky Slab

Big slabs of wood move as they dry – sometimes a little, sometimes a lot. In my experience, the worst of the movement happens in the first six to 12 months of drying. The hardest two problems to deal with … Continue reading

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Stretchers on Your Workbench are Optional

The video we’ve recently released, “Roubo Workbench: By Hand & Power Video,” is intended to be a brain dump from me and Will Myers on building slab workbenches. Not only do we show the techniques we’ve developed to make it … Continue reading

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Latin American Workbenches in the Colonial Era – Part II: Peru, Bolivia, Argentina & Paraguay

In Part II includes more benches and angels, a new painting style, a mystery and a few other things. Get your snacks and drinks ready. Peru Peru starts in Cuzco, capital city of the Incas, and with the Quecha painter … Continue reading

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