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Hulot’s ‘Twin Press’ for a Workbench

Five years after the 1770 publication of “L’ Art Des Expériences” by Jean-Antoine Nollet, came M. Hulot’s “L’art du tourneur mécanicien,” an influential book among turners especially. In it, Hulot describes a “twin press” for a workbench in some detail. … Continue reading

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A 1572 Workbench from the Netherlands

I have a theory, which I’ll delve into in my next book, called “Roman Workbenches,” that the transition from the old-style Roman workbench to the more formally joined French or modern bench occurred in the 16th century. So I was … Continue reading

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A 1770 French Bench, and a Translation

Jeff Burks pointed out that the bench shown in this entry is indeed French and was copied in reverse for the German encyclopedia. But even more important, Burks offered this translation of the description of the bench from the French … Continue reading

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A 1781 Workbench and Many Questions

The workbench shown above is featured in Johann Georg Krünitz’s “Oekonomische Encyklopädie,” a remarkable work of 242 volumes. I don’t have the translated text that accompanies this plate, so I’m going to make some educated guesses about this workbench. (In … Continue reading

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Bench Detail from 1764

As requested: A detail of the face vise on the 1764 bench from “Hallens, Werkstätte der Künste.”

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Workbenches from The Empire of Germany/Holy Roman Empire and etc.

One of the workbenches in Andre-Jacob Roubo’s French masterwork on the craft is called out as a “German” workbench in Plate 279 of “l’Art du menuisier.” It features a sliding deadman/leg vise, lots of storage and a complex tail vise. … Continue reading

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The Rules of the Workbench

This is an excerpt from “The Anarchist’s Tool Chest” by Christopher Schwarz.  Workbench I have written two books on workbenches that agonize over the details of joinery, wood selection, vises and so on. But if you don’t want to buy … Continue reading

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