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Shelf or Not?

When I built my Roubo bench several years back, I added the customary shelf between the stretchers. I mostly use this area for clamp storage more than tools. For whatever reason, it also tends to also attract scraps of wood, … Continue reading

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Factory-fresh Levard Workbench

While picking up some work from Steamwhistle Letterpress, the owner, Brian Stuparyk, said he had a workbench to show me. Brian’s letterpress shop is where all manner of interesting mechanisms end up, including printing presses, woodworking machines and machinist tools. … Continue reading

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Coming Soon: Issue 2 of Mortise & Tenon

Joshua Klein and company are working hard on the second issue of Mortise & Tenon magazine, and from all accounts it looks like it’s going to be another fine issue. They’ll start taking pre-publication orders on Nov. 1 here, which … Continue reading

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A Video Tour of the Holy Roman Workbench

Megan Fitzpatrick at Popular Woodworking Magazine has posted a video tour of the 1505 Holy Roman Workbench that was filmed at Woodworking in America last month. Roy Underhill has also shot an episode of “The Woodwright’s Shop” about both of … Continue reading

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The Palm, the Ban Qi and “The Young Mechanic”

Several commenters to yesterday’s post about the origin of the  Chinese planning stop, known as the palm, offered some additional information and a Western version. In the wheelwright’s shop shown in the 12th-century scroll “Qingming shanhe tu” we see a … Continue reading

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Origin Stories: The “Palm” or Planing Stop

Lu Ban, born some time between 770 and the 5th century BC, is the divine protector of Chinese carpenters and artisans. He is credited with inventing the basic tool kit of the carpenter and the rules, measurements and rituals associated … Continue reading

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Happy Labor Day! Forum Update 9/5

I hope that Labor Day means free time around your house and not “try to catch up day” like it it is here. I’m not complaining though. When catching up consists of picking up after a fun weekend and reading … Continue reading

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