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Free Download: ‘Roman Workbenches’

One of the things we strive to do at Lost Art Press is give away as much information as we possibly can, whilst still eating, sheltering and being (you’re welcome) fully clothed. And so today we are offering my 2017 … Continue reading

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That Rumor is Something I Can’t Do

I get a lot of odd email through my personal website, and most isn’t worth mentioning. But there’s one email I get every week that I want to put to bed. It goes like this: Someone told me you host … Continue reading

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The $175 Workbench Comes Home

I wasn’t the first person to use Southern yellow pine to build a workbench in 2000. But it sure felt like it when I built the above workbench for Popular Woodworking Magazine. At that time, almost all of the workbenches … Continue reading

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The Old Workshop at Grumblethorpe

In 1744 John Wister built a summer house in Germantown, a rural area northwest of  Philadelphia. The house later became the primary residence of the family and was known for its gardens, orchards and farm. When Charles Jones Wister (1782-1865), … Continue reading

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The Carpenters, the Wheelwright and the Turner

Léon Augustin Lhermitte (1844-1925) was a painter of working people. He was known as a realist and specialized in depicting people working in their homes, in workshops and the fields. As far as I have found, he completed three pieces … Continue reading

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Hurricanes are Hard on Workbenches

I’m in Charleston, S.C., this week to inventory my father’s belongings and start figuring out what to do with his possessions and his house. I also have one important personal task: retrieve a workbench I loaned him many years ago … Continue reading

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James Krenov’s Workbench

A few weekends ago, I traveled up the Mendocino Coast in Northern California to see The Krenov School’s midwinter show in Fort Bragg, Calif. I suppose I’ve been vocal enough about my status as an alumnus of the school (when … Continue reading

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