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Sawing Lumber in Europe

Sketch of two sawyers – 17th century – artist unknown Besançon; Museum of Fine Arts and Archaeology This entry is a continuation of the previous series on sawing lumber. (See also China, India, Japan) These images from Italy, Spain & … Continue reading

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Sawing Lumber in Japan

‘In the Totomi Mountains’ by Katsushika Hokusai (1830-1833) From the series – Thirty-Six Views of Mount Fuji I gave a series of experiments one day in my lecture-room before the governors of the province and a large number of people … Continue reading

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Sawing Lumber in India

  Image from ‘Ackerbau der Morgenländer’ (Agriculture of the Orientals) – 1772 “ The Indian carpenter knows no other tools than the plane, chisel, wimble, a hammer, and a kind of hatchet. The earth serves him for a shop-board, and … Continue reading

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Sawing Lumber in China

In China, the sawyer’s, the carpenter’s, the joiner’s, and the sashmaker’s trade are all exercised by the same person. There are no saw-mills, planing machines, or sash factories, and in sauntering about the streets of the cities, at the door … Continue reading

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The Sawyer

Sawing planks and boards is his employment, at which ſome will earn three or four ſhillings a day. There are great numbers of them, which is given as a reaſon why we ſhould not erect ſaw-mills as the Dutch do, … Continue reading

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Panel Saws Sharpened by Matt Cianci

My Dutch tool chest isn’t big enough to hold full-size handsaws, so I’ve been on a long search for the right panel saws that fit the chest and suit the work I do on the road. After searching three tool-swap … Continue reading

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Dovetail Sawing for Non-professionals

After requests from several readers, here is a short video showing how I teach beginning sawyers how to cut pins. Some things to understand before watching this video. 1. We gang-cut the tails first and then transferred the shape of … Continue reading

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A Carnival of Sorts

This crazy-looking saw till was on sale at the American College of the Building Arts yesterday, and I really want to build one without the wild paint job. The tool dealer who was selling the till said he found it … Continue reading

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A History of Coping Saws in Five Paragraphs

This week I’m working on a magazine article on coping saws and I’d like to include a few paragraphs about its ancestors and the development of the saw. My view is that the modern coping saw is related to the … Continue reading

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Any Workman, However Unskillful

The unlimited field which is open to inventors, and the boundless fertility of ideas which is constantly busy in filling this field, are both strikingly illustrated in the invention here represented. In working wood by carpenters and others, a great … Continue reading

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