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How to Select a Saw

I often derive great pleasure and profit from reading the choice bits of information in “ours,” and was much interested in reading, in No. 623, suggestions respecting the purchasing of saws. They are from an American source, and will no … Continue reading

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Design for a Tool Chest

Design for a Tool Chest George A. Jones of Palmetto Florida Patented March 29, 1921 (D57,436) – Jeff Burks

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Dividing Saw Plates

An easy method of dividing plates of hardened steel, such as saw plates; and also of perforating them, when requisite. Workmen frequently wish to divide a broken saw plate, for the purpose of converting it into scrapers, square-blades, or small … Continue reading

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A Wrinkle in Sawing

A try-square is not always at hand when it is desired to saw a stick, and when it is handy some mechanics prefer to work by “guess” than otherwise. When a bright, straight saw is placed upon a stick or … Continue reading

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First Look: Veritas Saw File Holder

I’ve been sharpening my own saws for many years, but it’s not something I’m comfortable teaching or writing much about because I don’t do it enough to feel like I’ve encountered all the crazy, messed-up situations that are possible with … Continue reading

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Sawbench in 60 Minutes: The Movie

Crap. I forgot to show this movie to the audience at Woodworking in America. I blame jet lag, alcohol and the boll weevil. The week before flying out to Pasadena, Calif., for the show I built a lot of sawbenches … Continue reading

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The Sound of this Photograph

OK now, before we get started here I want you all to gather around there behind the bench. Like a family photo. We are going to gang-cut all the dovetails on all your tail boards with this one saw from … Continue reading

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I Like to Wipe

The first time I met Frank Klausz we were both demonstrating at a woodworking show outside Philadelphia. I was flattening boards by hand with a panel plane when Frank walked up, snatched the plane off my bench and walked away. … Continue reading

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Failed Experiments in Dovetailing

Perhaps I should just learn to listen to my body. My best ideas come to me in the shower. My worst ones come while I’m in bed. This one popped into my head as I was drifting off to sleep … Continue reading

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Classes I’m Teaching in 2012

Earlier this year, I announced that I wouldn’t be teaching any woodworking classes in 2012 in order to give my family a break from my sometimes-hectic travel schedule. After stepping down as editor of Popular Woodworking Magazine in June, my … Continue reading

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