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Marco Terenzi

I spent the afternoon with Marco Terenzi in his shop today. As I was shooting this picture, he said: “Wait. I’m not supposed to smile, am I? Craftsmen never smile in photos. I have to look all stoic.” More details … Continue reading

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David Savage: The Unbroken Lines

Whether you like Arts & Crafts furniture is irrelevant if you are a woodworker. Even if you dislike expressed joinery, native materials and the color brown, the Arts & Crafts movements in England and the United States were a turning … Continue reading

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The Man of Slender

Christopher von Schwarzlandia will soon be back in the Landes of Kentuckie (and I will go into hiding). Enjoy the long weekend and get thee to your shops and make something! Here’s some inspiration. –Suzanne Ellison

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Original Plans for an 18th-century Spice Box. Starting at $15,000

2 Early price sheets, notes on shop practice and shop drawings from the early 18th century are quite rare. So it’s a bit amazing to see that Swann Galleries in New York City will be selling documents from joiner John … Continue reading

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ATC Interview, Part II

Author’s Note: This is the second of a three-part interview with Chris about the Anarchist’s Tool Chest, which is nearing its fifth anniversary. If you missed the first part of the conversation, you can read it here. — Brian Clites, … Continue reading

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English Arts & Crafts at the Cheltenham Art Gallery and Museum

We are less than five minutes into the tour when David Savage stopped to scold the museum docent. “You really are doing a poor job of displaying this,” Savage said, pointing to a Morris textile hanging in a shadowy corner. … Continue reading

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On the Misuse of Jigs

I can hold my tongue no longer. After a decade of teaching woodworking I have become fed up with schools, books and magazines that promote a jig that reduces the general skill level of the population. It slows you down. … Continue reading

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