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The Hardest Part of Being a Hobo-American

Note: This is a codicil to the entries I wrote called “Cut the Cord.” Part one is here. Part two is here. The entry below will make more sense if you read those first. After more than five years of … Continue reading

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Shaker Firewood Box: Simple & Sweet

As a furniture maker, visiting museums is important. But what is more important is visiting those same museums again and again. Every year you are a different person, and the same pieces of furniture will look new and different to … Continue reading

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Revenge is a Dish Best Served Carved

In the next year or two I want to travel to South Korea and lately have been researching temple stays. One temple that is very appealing is Jeondeungsa Temple on Ganghwa-gun Island, Incheon. The temple is located within the Samnangseong … Continue reading

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A Shaker Work Song for the Shop

A few days ago I was working my way through a German website and in a footnote came across two verses of a 19th century Shaker song. I found the song in the Smithsonian Folkways collection and it turns out … Continue reading

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The Softer, Stranger Side of Schwarz

This week I’m the guest on a podcast that is less about woodworking and more about life in general. “A Life Well Designed” is a website, blog and podcast that are aimed at simply making your life better, saner and … Continue reading

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About Our New Canadian Distributors

We now sell our books in Canada with all the same benefits that U.S. customers receive – shipping is included in the price, and all books that I’ve written include a letterpress bookplate personally signed by me. Canadian customers check … Continue reading

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Be Fox Mulder, Not Cotton Mather

The best thing I can say about graduate school is that it taught me to think. When someone presents an idea to you that is the opposite of everything you’ve read before and everything you believe is true, how do … Continue reading

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