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Cut the Cord, Part 1

During the last five years, a lot of students, readers and friends have asked for advice on how to leave the corporate world – and avoid starvation in the process. When I get asked this question, I take a deep … Continue reading

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If We Sacrifice Trees, then Who is the God?

Working with wood has always seemed like it’s something more than just refashioning dead vegetable matter into useful items. Unlike metal, wood has a way of reminding us of the time it took for every stick to grow. Pick up … Continue reading

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Soft Wax from the Anarchist’s Daughter

My daughter Katy has an entrepreneurial spirit that is similar to when I started selling “bark jewelry” to neighborhood kids at age 10. Unlike me, Katy is committed to making something useful. During the last few months, Katy and I … Continue reading

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Meet Our New Addition to Lost Art Press

Editor’s note: Last year we hired Meghan Bates to work for us on a couple jobs. She turned out to be so talented and easy to work with that we have happily expanded her work with Lost Art Press. Because … Continue reading

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A Brief Taste of Perfection

It cannot be found here. Jim McConnell of the Daily Skep blog and I traded blog entries recently in the Cincinnati Time Store Tradition. I think I got the better part of the bargain with Jim’s thoughtful essay here. I … Continue reading

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Fantastically Detailed Tombstone

Researcher Suzanne Ellison turned up this image of the tombstone of menuisier Joseph Cordes of Carcassonne (1832-1884). Check out the detail in the shop, including the glue pot, the threads on the clamp and even the holdfast. Image by Christophe … Continue reading

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My Favorite Image of Noah’s Ark

In our research we study a lot of Biblical images for their woodworking content – thank the someone that Jesus was a carpenter. My favorite Biblical image is one that Jeff Burks sneaked into a working folder of images from … Continue reading

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