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International Jack Plane Day

If weasels, doughnuts and diseases can have an official day, then why not the jack plane? I’d be hard-pressed to name a plane that is more useful to me (the block plane would be in second place). My $12 jack … Continue reading

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Chipbreaker-setting Trick

Rhett Fulkerson of Nice Planes in Frankfort, Ky., showed me a cool trick for setting a chipbreaker quickly, precisely and perfectly parallel to the cutting edge. Take a feeler gauge whose thickness is equal to the distance you want to … Continue reading

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Meet Caleb James, Planemaker

The world needs more wooden planemakers – it can be difficult to find vintage hollows and rounds and complex moulders that don’t need serious work (or are hopeless). Matt Bickford has his hands full; Old Street Tool isn’t taking new … Continue reading

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After 10 Years, My Miter Plane Returns

In 2004, I purchased my first-ever custom anything. A handplane. It was a ridiculous financial move. I had two young daughters (age 7 and 2), a low-level editing job and almost no disposable income. Lucy and I were throwing every … Continue reading

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Wayne Anderson’s Newest Plane, $600

Planemaker Wayne Anderson has developed a beautiful infill smoothing plane that is – for custom work – remarkably affordable at $600. I ran into Wayne this weekend at the Mid-West Tool Collectors Association meeting in Medina, Minn., and he showed … Continue reading

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Another Way to Tame Tear-out

Deneb Puchalski of Lie-Nielsen Toolworks uses a toothing iron to deal with materials that are difficult to plane. He first tooths the surface and then removes the toothing with a fine-set plane, usually a low-angle jack plane. A few years … Continue reading

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The Answer is – Regrettably – Pliers

Planes with movable fences, such as plows and rabbets, have two major defects. 1. In wooden-bodied planes, the fence can be tricky to adjust parallel to the tool’s skate or sidewall. An out-of-square fence can create some horrific results on … Continue reading

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Design of the Moving Plane Arrangement

Too Much in a Window is Worse than Too Little If the display is carefully studied it will be noticed that just enough goods are shown to suggest the line carried. A small assortment of up-to-date samples often proves more … Continue reading

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A Good Look at Some Marcou Handplanes

One of my students in Germany is a fan of planes by Philip Marcou, the New Zealand toolmaker. After attracting a lot of attention in the bowsaw class with his Marcou smoother, Martin Gerhards of Munich offered to bring in … Continue reading

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Miscellaneous Wood Planes

Under the above heading there comes what are known as Fancy Planes. There are several manufacturers in this country who make these lines of Planes. Some make better planes than others and we try to procure the best. None of … Continue reading

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