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Buy My Tool Chest – and all the Tools in it

Here’s your chance to buy a completely finished and fitted Anarchist’s Tool Chest that is chock full of premium hand tools (more than $8,300 worth) – and help a great woodworking school in the process. Here’s the story: Last summer … Continue reading

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For Marilyn – Crabs or Grabs

  Marilyn of She Works Wood fame asked for a video that shows how the crab lock (aka grab lock) works. So here it is. This lock was made for this tool chest by blacksmith Peter Ross. Unlike many commercial … Continue reading

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New Tool Chest is a Joint Project

Juggling a book and a furniture commission is like juggling two balls – pretty easy and not all that impressive. These last two weeks have been a full on circus: two books in overdrive (Peter Galbert’s “Chairmaker’s Notebook” and Don … Continue reading

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Be Smart and Carry the Gazintas

As you design your tool chest, a little bit of cypherin’ can make a tool chest seem like the Tardis – way bigger on the inside than it should be. This traveling chest carries a remarkable amount of tools in … Continue reading

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A Simple Saw Till for a Tool Chest

Because saws are delicate rust-magnets, storing them is a balancing act of protecting their bendable, rust-prone sawplates and still making them easy to get in and out of storage. There are many good solutions. This is a simple one that … Continue reading

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The One in Which I am Slapped by Someone

Please don’t let your children (or your fetal acetates) read this blog entry. I’m finishing up the interior of a traveling tool chest this weekend and put in the tool rack that’s affixed to the back wall of this particular … Continue reading

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Repeat After Me: I Will Not Bead My Wife’s Cats

Small beads – 1/4”, 3/16” and 1/8” – are ideal for creating shadow lines and transitions between flat boards. The classic example is with tongue-and-groove backboards. If you add a bead on the face of every board with a tongue, … Continue reading

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