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Who’s driving this bus? (with bonus features)

Originally posted on Making Things Work:
For the past few days I’ve been working on a hayrake table, and I’ve been fascinated by how differently the process is unfolding from the last time I built a table of this design.…

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Please let me focus

One comment on my last post moved me to respond. I struggle with the “women only” classes.. to exclude on the basis of being inclusive… is a difficult logic puzzle. While I recognize the issues of sexism and bias (overt and … Continue reading

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Three who make a difference

This weekend I went through the final proof of Marc Adams’s forthcoming book, The Difference Makers, to be published this summer by Lost Art Press. It’s a rich portfolio of work by 30 makers in diverse woodworking forms and styles. … Continue reading

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Let’s rake some hay

Psst. Hey, man. Wanna have some fun? What kind of fun? Hayraking. [Radio silence.] Building a hayrake table. Killer joinery (exposed tenons with trapped, scribed shoulders; bridle joints; cool geometry), carving lambs’ tongues, decorative gouging and inlaid butterfly keys—all at the … Continue reading

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Timeless Design

Originally posted on Making Things Work:
Timeless? Image from the laugh-out-loud-funny website McMansion Hell. Like so many other words (curate, custom, master, local, artisan, and sustainable, to cite a few), “timeless” has been reduced to little more than a marketing…

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This Is What Separates the Men from the Boys

My favorite instructor, Mr. Williams, always said Anyone can do something right. The real skill is knowing how to fix things that go wrong. Maddeningly, there will always be things that go wrong. Overlooked abrasive marks beneath your flawless finish? … Continue reading

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Book Reportlet: Shaker Inspiration

When Megan Fitzpatrick posted the frontispiece of Christian Becksvoort’s latest book, Shaker Inspiration, on Instagram a few months back, I knew I would be placing an order. Not only have I admired Becksvoort’s work for decades; the frontispiece was utterly … Continue reading

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