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In Praise of Careful Readers

Every so often you hear from a reader who really gets where you’re coming from. This is not to say they’re the only ones who get it, just that they take the time to let you know. (An outstanding example … Continue reading

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A Primer on Copyright for Those Living in the 21st-century Wild West

Last week I wrote a blog post about my visit to the Wharton Esherick House, my last stop on a two-week work trip to the East coast. It was a job to find the place (I have it on good … Continue reading

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Credit where credit’s due

Although my paternal grandfather, Morris Hiller, died before I was born, my father has gone a long way toward impressing on me the kind of man his dad was. His motto: “Beware of unappreciative people.” I will never forget being … Continue reading

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Take it Easy (or Maybe Don’t)

On Wednesday Freddy Roman wrote an Instagram post that was part-tribute to his mentor, Phil Lowe, and part-lament. “Master Lowe’s picture sits above my desk. A daily reminder from circa 2000 when I was punk, lost, and running. I don’t … Continue reading

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Seminar in D.C.

You never know where a comment on an Instagram or blog post may take you. In this case, a comment by woodworker Adam Godet was the impetus for a seminar in our nation’s capital. “Great post!” he wrote. “Love your work … Continue reading

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Get a job.

Every so often someone contacts me to ask for advice about quitting a day job and going into furniture making as a full-time endeavor. They’ve taken some classes and built some pieces — sometimes eye-poppingly impressive ones — on their … Continue reading

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“You get to work in such cool places.”

A friend recently saw a picture of one of my kitchen jobs and remarked “You get to work in such cool places.” It’s true. I do, some of the time — though let’s acknowledge that one person’s cool is another … Continue reading

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