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Help Wanted

My last attempt to escape my apparent fate as a cabinetmaker involved going back to school in the early 1990s. After graduating with a master’s degree in religious studies, I imagined it would be easier to find work that would … Continue reading

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Call me anything but boss

When my former husband and I moved to southern Indiana in 1988, we became friends with a carpenter named Joe who possessed an endearing confidence that everything he thought and said was right. He and his wife were literal about … Continue reading

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Christopher Vickers, craftsman-designer of furniture and lighting

Vickers’ reproduction of the Voysey Kelmscott “Chaucer” cabinet was a commission   Do you really need that 2400-square foot workshop? I’ve lost track of how many retired friends of friends are currently building themselves shops. Most of these people moved … Continue reading

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It’s amazing how unaware most people are of what’s involved in running a business that makes things, especially if that business involves the design and building of custom commissions, as opposed to mass- or even limited-production manufacture. Start your own … Continue reading

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The story behind the cover

When Megan Fitzpatrick at Popular Woodworking Magazine asked me to write a project article about an Arts and Crafts style bookcase three years ago, I had something Stickley-ish in mind. I pictured something long and low in amber maple, designed … Continue reading

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Cathryn Peters, weaver of seats and baskets

When most people stop at a fast food restaurant, they run in and out without so much as a glance at the surrounding landscape – and that’s if they get out of their car at all; a high percentage place … Continue reading

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Live and Learn

Originally posted on Making Things Work:
Some people have the vague notion that when you’ve been a woodworker for decades, you know how to do everything. If only. No one knows how to do everything. Experience in a variety of…

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