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Shop Safety: This Tip Could Save Your Life

… or “I never said I wanted to go surfing.” Every so often something reminds you that serious injury is only a heartbeat away. I had one of those experiences yesterday in the shop. The culprit: a scrap of plywood … Continue reading

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Vintage Kitchen Splendor

To start the new year off with a bang, feast your eyes on this gobsmackingly gorgeous kitchen. I don’t even remember how Joe Oliver and I became acquainted, but I’m so glad we did. Joe operates Retro Stove & Gas … Continue reading

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My Kind of Problem

Boxing Day, 2017, 7:48 a.m. Good morning, Nancy. An issue has emerged concerning the counter top. As currently configured, the counter top will cover the dishwasher control panel. The dishwasher needs to move about 3 inches out from under the … Continue reading

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Simple by design

Originally posted on Making Things Work:
One of these things is not like the others. Last week I attended a holiday party held by a local publication. This biannual event is always characterized by classy live music and an atmosphere…

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Curriculum aliud*

My father assigned his office assistant, Bambi, to be my teacher. One of our early lessons involved learning to copy maps, an essential life skill if there ever was one. She showed me how to copy an outline using a … Continue reading

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Hay is for Horses

Just as the Lost Art Press Horse Garage has been nearing completion, this happened.     Whenever my sister or I said “Hey” as children, at least within earshot of our local grandma (the other grandma lived far away, in … Continue reading

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Friends in high places

A delivery arrived yesterday from our friend Kim, who lives just outside our nation’s capital. As a source of cultural information relevant to my research, Kim is my version of Chris’s Saucy Indexer (though Saucy’s finds, encompassing everything from erotic … Continue reading

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