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Arts and Crafts classics at The Wilson

Originally posted on Making Things Work:
Please note: The following images are snapshots I took during my visit to The Wilson. They are used here with explicit permission, which required a lot of work and a fee, as described in…

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Down the rabbit hole

or…watch Nancy Hiller morph into Basil Fawlty I take copyright and permissions protocols seriously. It’s a simple matter of the Golden Rule: I write and design stuff, and if someone’s going to use my words or designs, I’d like my … Continue reading

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Let’s get medieval

*first posted at Making Things Work Research for English Arts and Crafts Furniture: Projects and Techniques for the Modern Maker* has entailed some spirited conversations with scholars of medieval literature and art. My readings on medieval European life without the benefit of … Continue reading

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Get On Your Bike

Job Centres were government-operated employment agencies intended to help people find gainful work instead of spending their days watching telly while sponging off the dole. At least, such was the image of their unemployed compatriots entertained by many supporters of … Continue reading

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Look sharp, men! The cat’s away.

The following is a description of the break room at the military museum where I worked as a carpenter’s assistant in 1987.   By far the best thing about the job was the break room, where about a dozen of … Continue reading

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Don’t be a Fallacy

Editor’s note: We still have a few spots open for an evening with Nancy Hiller at 7 p.m. Aug. 12 in our Covington, Ky., storefront. Nancy will read from her book, there will be beverages for everyone and then we’ll … Continue reading

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The kitchen cabinet that could save your marriage

Hoosier cabinet ads offered another attractive benefit: by helping their users stay “beautiful,” “youthful,” and “energetic,” the cabinets in effect promised to help save marriages. “Why be all fagged out and suffer from backache and headache?” asked one ad. “Why … Continue reading

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