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Chester Cornett’s Sign for his Workshop

It’s no secret that Brendan Gaffney and I are obsessed with the life and work of Chester Cornett, a traditional Eastern Kentucky chairmaker who pushed into the world of art with his later chairs he built mostly in Cincinnati. While … Continue reading

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Chester Cornett & His Roman Workbench

I’ve seen a blurry photograph of a detail of Chester Cornett’s chairmaking workbench and read Michael Owen Jones’s description of the bench in “The Craftsman of the Cumberlands.” At the time I thought: That sounds like a Roman-style workbench. And … Continue reading

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Another Chester Cornett Rocker (or When Routers Attack!)

Today Brendan Gaffney and I got a rare up-close look at one of Chester Cornett’s rockers during a preview for an antiques auction in Cincinnati. The walnut rocking chair was one of Cornett’s later pieces. And after a close examination, … Continue reading

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Chester Cornett at the Kentucky Folk Art Center

For many years, I have been an undying fan of the work of Chester Cornett (1913-1981), a traditional Eastern Kentucky chairmaker who crossed over to become an artist who lived out his last years in Cincinnati, just a few miles … Continue reading

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Cornett’s Woven Masterpiece

I’ve just finished my article for Mortise & Tenon Magazine about Chester Cornett’s “Masterpiece Bookcase Rocker.” I believe Cornett called his bookcase rocker a masterpiece for its expert joinery, its level of adornment and care of construction – but over … Continue reading

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Hairyman Cornett

Driving through Eastern Kentucky makes me homesick for the mountains of Arkansas. Something about the contrast – intense natural beauty with equally intense poverty – reminds me of growing up in the Ozarks. And every conversation with the locals is … Continue reading

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The Return of the Welshman

Last week, Welsh chairmaker Chris Williams returned to the United States to teach a couple classes and work on some supplemental photography for his forthcoming book “The Life & Work of John Brown.” (Due out next year, knock wood.) Working … Continue reading

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A Charming Kentucky Windsor

During my visit to the Speed Art Museum in Louisville, Ky., last week I got to examine a few interesting chairs (surprise!). This little black number from Franklin County (likely Frankfort), was one of my favorites. Built about 1815 from … Continue reading

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Almost Out of Stickers

Madeline reports she is almost out of the latest batch of stickers. They’re $7 for a set of three and are available from her etsy store (she ships worldwide). Your sticker dollars go to supporting Madeline’s wack-doodle cat, named Chickpea, … Continue reading

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New Stickers Coming Next Week

We will have three new sticker designs for sale next week. All three will be available through my daughter Madeline’s etsy store. The 100-percent vinyl stickers are $7 per set, and she ships overseas. The three designs are, as usual, … Continue reading

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