New Chapter: Boarded Low Bench


I’ve completed the last new project chapter for the expanded edition of “The Anarchist’s Design Book.” Now, I need to clean up the new chapters that are related to design and shop mentality and the writing will be complete.

Briony Morrow-Cribbs is working on the copperplate etchings, and I am now figuring out how to stitch the new book together so it flows well and makes sense. We are on track to have the revised edition out by the end of the year.

In the meantime, here is a new chapter that owners of the first edition may download for free. It’s a chapter on a low boarded bench.

I Greco-Roman wrestled with myself over whether to include this chapter. The project is beyond simple – the only joints are the nails. The bench itself is the opposite of fine furniture. But after building five or six of these benches, I concluded that they have some important lessons to teach – lessons that some of us skip.

You can download the new chapter here:

ADB-Low Boarded Bench

And what would a blog post be without caveats? Here they are:

  • This is a rough draft. It might contain typos or small factual errors. If you see one, please point it out in the comments. If you want to edit my “tone,” then you must first build a time machine, travel back to 1981 Arkansas and stop Mrs. Hatfield from teaching me to write.
  • The drawing is a CAD rendering. Briony’s will be gorgeous and handmade.
  • And yes, the chapter’s comment on farts is true.

I am thrilled to be done building the six new projects for this book (though I really wanted to include an additional four that would have spawned a trilogy).

— Christopher Schwarz

Here are links to the other new chapters:

Boarded Settle Chair

Staked Armchair   

Staked High Stool

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20 Responses to New Chapter: Boarded Low Bench

  1. I’m glad you included it. I love benches like this. They’re great, little, stylish projects and perfect for learning or teaching.


  2. boclocks says:

    I’d love to have a time machine. But if I did, Mrs. Hatfield would be safe.



  3. Bill Morison says:

    I’m curious. What were the other four?


  4. boclocks says:

    I’d really like to have a time machine, but Mrs. Hatfield would be quite safe.


  5. Johnathon says:

    The “Anarchists Design Book” is still for sale on your website but from this article a new edition is coming out. If we want the new version, should we wait or if you order now will the new book be sent?


    • The physical book of the first edition is sold out. So if you want the new edition, you’ll need to wait to order the new one.

      You can still order the pdf. If you order that, you will receive an updated version when the new book comes out.

      Hope this makes sense.


  6. As an aside, I was recently shown a great use for the Rivierre nails. I had an axe head that was a tad loose, and driving a Rivierre nail into it was a perfect wedge, as it tapered in two directions. It tightened the head up perfectly.

    Magic nails. Strap that to your elephant.

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  7. Dave Polaschek says:

    I have made a five-board version (no shelf) using 2×12 and deck screws, but I also include flatulence slots, which I recommend. Beyond the ventilation, they also make it easier to pick up the bench when you need to move it.

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  8. Gav says:

    Hi Chris, I came upon an interesting comparison version to your bench at a job and was wondering if you would like a photo for reference ?


  9. dd knab says:

    do you know the origin-at least American origin-of benches like this?? shaker perhaps????

    thanks! dale


  10. Len says:

    It’s all very well threatening my dangly bits but you won’t sell me a book in the UK.


  11. gregla2 says:

    It might be helpful to mention that the shelf cleats get the holes and counter sinks for attaching the shelf before attaching to the leg ( as shown in the picture). I would have forgotten…
    I also wondered if the shelf was glued to the legs or cleats. I saw in the first picture that the shelf is nailed through the legs.
    Thank you. I’m looking forward to making one for the laundry room entrance from garage.


  12. Levi says:

    What’s that fancy contraption on your shooting board. Looks like it has an adjustable angle?


  13. testing99 says:

    Speaking of the included links to previously released chapters, what of the “boarded tool chest”?


  14. ctdahle says:

    Looking forward to the new edition, because, y’know, it’s an LAP book after all and I have to have all of them eventually. Besides, my wife wants the boarded bench for the back entry hall and the price of the book is less than a fair price for the plans.

    But I’m mad at you right now. Spent the morning repairing a wooden deck and left my son on his own to finish fastening the rest of the boards. Figured it would take him 15 or 20 minutes, but he’s still out there. CLOCKING ALL THE DAMN DECK SCREWS!

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