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English Tool Chests in England

The No. 1 question I get from students in my tool chest classes: “Aren’t you tired of building tool chests?” That’s like asking a delivery-room doctor: “Aren’t you tired of delivering babies?” Helping woodworkers build a tool chest and workbench … Continue reading

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England. And then More Roorkees

I leave for England Saturday to teach two classes for the New English Workshop at Warwickshire College, but before that English experience, I have to tend to another. Today I started roughing out the parts for two more Roorkee chairs … Continue reading

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2 Spots Open in a Dutch Tool Chest Class

Due to last-minute cancellations, there are two spaces open in my Dutch tool chest class (the last one of 2014) in Warwickshire College, England, for July 28-29. The price of the class is £295 plus materials, and the materials are … Continue reading

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The Year of the Ankle-biters

The state of Maine has some amazing wildlife. And it, whatever it is, is biting me. This week I’m in midcoast Maine to film a DVD on building a Dutch Tool Chest and attend the Lie-Nielsen Toolworks Open House on … Continue reading

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The Canadian Gravity Latch

Ric “Formerly Anonymous” Archibald made a cool little locking system for his Dutch Tool Chest. He calls it the “Gravity Latch.” Ric, like a fair number of students, made a Dutch tool chest before taking the class on making the … Continue reading

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18 Chests, 144 Dovetails and 0 Clamps

Today we had to assemble 18 dovetailed Dutch tool chests during a two-hour period. We had glue. We had mallets. But we didn’t have any clamps that were long enough. So we fetched the hammers and the nails. When you … Continue reading

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Hello, My Name is Ipe

The only thing that is tougher on my tools’ edges than ipe is students. — Christopher Schwarz, who has been grinding and sharpening all morning.

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Another Dang Dutch Chest (for a DVD) and the Lie-Nielsen Open House

Call me sick (or call me “cute as a button”) but I enjoy breaking down rough stock with a handsaw. Part of it is necessity. I don’t have a miter saw, and many boards I work with are outside their … Continue reading

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Dutch Tool Chest Meets the Anarchist’s Square

Woodworker Aaron Marshall took my Dutch Tool Chest class at The Woodwright’s School this week and added a slot in the shelf to hold his English Square, which is featured on the cover of “The Anarchist’s Tool Chest.” The slot … Continue reading

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Bench Building: A Team Sport

Last night I dragged myself home after five days of building 16 workbenches at the Marc Adams School of Woodworking. All of the benches turned out fantastic for two reasons: 1. Wonderful (yet inexpensive) material. We used Horizon Wood Product’s … Continue reading

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