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The Minimalist Anarchist Tool Kit

To build an English-style tool chest, you don’t need a chest full of hand tools. Here is what I consider the minimum tool kit necessary to build this chest during a class or in your shop (as soon as you … Continue reading

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Blow off Your Job. Go to Charleston

My father is not going to like this blog entry. I am always surprised how many people have never been to Charleston, S.C. – especially woodworkers. The city is a living and breathing design document; it’s like the pages of … Continue reading

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Why You Need a Low Bench – I Mean Bed

  A common question when I am on the road: “So when you aren’t woodworking, do have any other hobbies? Sports? Guns?” Answer: “I enjoy woodworking, writing about woodworking, listening to loud music when woodworking, reading about woodworking, drinking a … Continue reading

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This Chair Will get Me Some ‘Strange’

The most gratifying class I teach has got to be the one on Roorkee chairs. To be certain, there is the normal amount of “explaining how to make things out of wood” in the class. But in addition to that, … Continue reading

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Roorkee Chairs at William Ng Woodworking School

One of the nice things about teaching different places is you get to see how each school has its own personality or vibe, if you will. I can say this: If you like taking classes at Kelly Mehler’s School of … Continue reading

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Special Lie-Nielsen Hand Tool Event in Charleston, S.C.

Charleston, S.C., is my favorite city in the world because of the food, architecture, history, weather, furniture and people. I was first sent there in 1990 to write about the aftermath of Hurricane Hugo and fell in love with the … Continue reading

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Tools Needed to Make the Dutch Tool Chest

I’m teaching woodworkers how to make the Dutch tool chest all over the hemisphere this year. I have Dutch chest classes going in California in March, Alaska in April, North Carolina in June, and in Maine and England in July. … Continue reading

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A Few Spots Open for Classes: Roorkee Chairs & Dutch Tool Chest

Next month, I head to sunny/warm/tasty Anaheim, Calif., to teach two classes – a four-day class on building Roorkee chairs and a two-day class on building a Dutch tool chest. The classes will be held at the William Ng School … Continue reading

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My First Teaching Assignment in England

Though I have been to England six times for work, sightseeing and research, I’ve never been asked to teach there (my wife says it must be because of my German last name). I love the country, and it has inspired … Continue reading

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My 2014 Teaching Schedule

Compared to last year, my 2014 teaching schedule is a cakewalk. But that’s like comparing the various Boer wars, the First, Second and Third Reichs and Fried Pickles v. Lots-a-tots at Hooters. In other words: It’s all brutal. I teach … Continue reading

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