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Revising my First Book, ‘Workbenches’

For the last month, I’ve been revising and expanding my first book “Workbenches: From Design & Theory to Construction & Use” for F+W Media. The revised book is scheduled to be out by the end of 2015 and printed in … Continue reading

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Slab Bench Maintenance: Remain Reamed

Because holdfasts are the primary workholding device on my French oak workbench, I am quick to investigate things when the holdfasts stop working well. This week I noticed my holdfasts were getting stuck in their holes. They were difficult to … Continue reading

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You Are the Vise of Meat

Workbench disclaimer: A traditional workbench makes many tasks easier. Please read that sentence again with the emphasis on the last word. Easier. While you can build anything with nothing, things are easier with a traditional bench. Today I dressed the … Continue reading

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Hung up on Workbench Overhang

When designing a French workbench (or any other style, really), one of the most common hang-ups for new woodworkers is determining how much the benchtop should overhang the base at the ends of the bench. When I design a workbench … Continue reading

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Knocked Up, Knocked Down & Naked

Editor’s note: Mike Siemsen, the host of “The Naked Woodworker” DVD has built a cool little knockdown bench designed for traveling and apartments. Check it out – and we promise that more copies of “The Naked Woodworker” are on the … Continue reading

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An Improved ‘Doe’s Foot’ Appliance

After writing last month about the “doe’s foot” appliance in A.-J. Roubo’s plate 14, I decided to make a couple of these devices that resembled the ones shown in the plate. For the last couple years, I’ve been using a … Continue reading

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In Defense of the ‘Notched Batten’

When Richard Maguire posted his fantastic entry on using a notched batten to hold work in place on the bench, he was eviscerated by a certain segment of the woodworking populace because Richard said it was an old technique and … Continue reading

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