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French Workbenches: Old and in the Birth Canal

Jameel Abraham at Benchcrafted has been scouting in Georgia to see if there’s enough massive old French oak to put on another French Oak Roubo Project (aka FORP) in fall 2015. Jameel’s account of his visit to Georgia with photos … Continue reading

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International Jack Plane Day

If weasels, doughnuts and diseases can have an official day, then why not the jack plane? I’d be hard-pressed to name a plane that is more useful to me (the block plane would be in second place). My $12 jack … Continue reading

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Benchcrafted Instructions are Excellent

When I installed my first woodworking vise, the only instructions were a grease-stained diagram without words. Just a crude drawing that was anti-helpful and full of errors. After installing and helping to install a lot of Benchcrafted hardware on student … Continue reading

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Drill Straight Holes Without a Drill Press

Despite my love of the drill press for building benches, you don’t need one to bore dead-straight holes for your dogs and holdfasts. When I need to add a hole to a benchtop that is already assembled (or is a … Continue reading

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New Benchcrafted ‘Classic’ Vise Hardware

This week I will install a leg vise on my Holtzapffel workbench in our sunroom, which is my shop on the first floor. I’ve had a twin-screw vise on Holtzapffel since I built it six years ago; when I’m done … Continue reading

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An Open Spot in my 18th-century Workbench Class

We’ve had a cancellation in my 18th-century Workbench Class at the Marc Adams School of Woodworking that takes place June 9-13. If you’d like to claim that space, call Paula at 317-535-4013 or register via the school’s web site: … Continue reading

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On the Stump and the Axe

For some reason I never considered a tree stump as essential workshop equipment until I met Richard Maguire. Maguire, a lifelong furniture-maker and bench-builder, uses a stump and an axe in his shop and counts it among his essential workshop … Continue reading

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What is that Shadowy Thing? Solved.

When you look at old engravings, there are going to be details that confuse. Perhaps they were drawn incorrectly. Or you just don’t have enough information to interpret the marks on the page. Several years ago, I wrote about the … Continue reading

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Why You Need a Low Bench – I Mean Bed

  A common question when I am on the road: “So when you aren’t woodworking, do have any other hobbies? Sports? Guns?” Answer: “I enjoy woodworking, writing about woodworking, listening to loud music when woodworking, reading about woodworking, drinking a … Continue reading

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Definitely 38” High

The title above is a joke about workbench height. I think workbenches can be almost any height – even 38” – depending on what you are doing at the bench and your tool set. Here’s a confession: My back sucks. … Continue reading

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