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A Flat-out Bad Time

I know that my recent blog entries have been lightweight at best – thanks to Jeff Burks for picking up my slack. I’m determined to finish writing this “Campaign Furniture” book by Dec. 31, and so all my energy is … Continue reading

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Of the Reglet, or the Notchy Stick (Unfiltered)

When I appear in public (always against my will), one of the nice things that people have to say is this: Boy you have an interesting job. Not really. For the most part, my life is a lot of dead … Continue reading

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Dutch Tool Chest, Day 1

One of the cool things about the Wortheffort school of woodworking is the workbenches. Shawn Graham, the brains and back behind the school, built enough for 13 students and the instructor. Almost all of the benches are very basic Roubo … Continue reading

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Rethink Moisture Content for Workbenches

Whenever I build a workbench, I try to work with stock that is as dry as possible. But I’ve never shied away from wood at 15 percent moisture content (MC). Thick timbers can be tough to dry, and all of … Continue reading

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New Workbench DVD Available for Pre-order

You can now order my newest DVD “Build a Sturdy Workbench in 2 Days” from Popular Woodworking for $24.99. The two-hour video show you how to build a sturdy workbench using home-center materials and a benchtop made using solid-wood kitchen … Continue reading

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Don’s Vices are Vises (or is that Vises are Vices?)

Don Williams, the primary force of nature behind “To Make as Perfectly as Possible,” is a man of few vices but many vises. He doesn’t drink, smoke, curse or even drink coffee. But the man will travel to the ends … Continue reading

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Reason No. 2 to Attend Woodworking in America – Plate 11 Bench Co.

2. If you want a French workbench but don’t have the machines or time to build it yourself, I’d like you to meet Mark Hicks of the Plate 11 Bench Co. Mark took my campaign chest class at Marc Adams … Continue reading

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Un Etrange Suicide – in High Def

Some of you might remember my “Death by Roubo” blog entry from March 2013, a grim but fascinating look at how to use your workbench for more than woodworking. Well sometime this summer I got the idea to turn that … Continue reading

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Meeting (Finally) Workbench-maker Richard Maguire

During the last 15 years, I’ve met a lot of woodworkers who like workbenches, but I’ve met very few who delight in poring over paintings of old benches while in a noisy pub surrounded by rowdy friends and colleagues. But … Continue reading

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Make Wood (And Your Shirts) Flat

  An ironing board met a spindly manual-training workbench at a bar. Drinks were consumed. And nine months later, the Chandler & Barber patented “Handy Bench Cabinet” came into this world in 1902. The “bench” is a testament to human … Continue reading

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