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My Supreme Suckage: Hand Mortising

Other bloggers are wary of pulling down their pants. Not me. I suck at a lot of things, but I really and truly suck at mortising by hand. The problem isn’t really my results – I can get a clean, … Continue reading

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Real-work Repair

I’m sure you’ve heard this: What separates a good woodworker from a great one is his or her ability to hide mistakes. Which is complete and utter crap in my opinion. The really fantastic woodworkers I have worked with don’t … Continue reading

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Mailbag: How to Dress a Tabletop

I am asked the following question a lot – that usually means I should answer it. Question: I am building a trestle table based on the one you built. I have a dumb question. I was lucky enough to find … Continue reading

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Lost Art Press: A Statement of Ethics

I do not accept free or discounted tools. I purchased every tool in my chest and have marked it with my shop mark. I do not accept free or discounted materials – lumber, glue, finish or hardware. On occasion, a … Continue reading

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The Most Eco-friendly Waterbase Finish I’ve Used

Unfettered by tradition or dogma, woodworking students can have occasional flashes of brilliance. To wit: During a class last week at the Marc Adams School of Woodworking, I noticed that two of the students were using a waterbase finish I’d … Continue reading

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A Different Drawer

Woodworking writers love to get to the end of the story where they can simply state: Build the drawers in the usual manner and apply your favorite finish. And enjoy! This is, by the way, a bit of laziness or … Continue reading

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The Candy-Bottom Wuss Girl Guide to Drawboring

I admit it: I can be a total weenie when it comes to drawboring. Unlike Peter Follansbee I am overly fearful, cautious and timid. When Peter drawbores a joint, he uses no glue. He uses no clamps. He uses hand-tapered … Continue reading

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