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Buy Tickets for the Dutch Tool Chest Event

If you want to buy tickets for my March 28-29, 2020, Dutch Tool Chest demonstration in Omaha, the Omaha Woodworkers Guild has set up a web page for you. You can buy tickets using a credit card via this link. … Continue reading

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A Different Dutch Tool Chest Lid

I love all the little custom touches people add to their Dutch tool chests – drawers, tissue dispensers (no lie) and the various tool racks. On Saturday, I got to see a new variation on the lid. During our most … Continue reading

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Dutch Tool Chest DVD Now Available from Lie-Nielsen

After many requests from readers, I shot a DVD with Lie-Nielsen Toolworks on making a Dutch tool chest, and the DVD is now available from Lie-Nielsen. At 185 minutes, the DVD covers all aspects of chest construction, from design and … Continue reading

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A British Perspective on a Dutch Tool Chest Class Taught by a Loud-mouthed American

With every class there are three types of students. The type that is there to learn. They learn. They go home happy. The type that probably should consider a different hobby. (To be honest, that was me during my first … Continue reading

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2 Spots Open in a Dutch Tool Chest Class

Due to last-minute cancellations, there are two spaces open in my Dutch tool chest class (the last one of 2014) in Warwickshire College, England, for July 28-29. The price of the class is £295 plus materials, and the materials are … Continue reading

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Small Dutch Tool Chest Cutting List

Like a sharp knife, cutting lists are helpful when used properly but downright dangerous in the wrong hands. Case-in-point: In the 1990s I wrote an article on building a Limbert bookcase and had an error in my cutting list. I … Continue reading

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Other Clever Additions to a Dutch Tool Chest

If you want to get more tools into your Dutch tool chest, check this out. Mike Siemsen, host of the forthcoming “The Naked Woodworker” DVD, built a Dutch tool chest with (at least) two interesting twists. 1. He added an … Continue reading

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Dutch Tool Chest Meets the Anarchist’s Square

Woodworker Aaron Marshall took my Dutch Tool Chest class at The Woodwright’s School this week and added a slot in the shelf to hold his English Square, which is featured on the cover of “The Anarchist’s Tool Chest.” The slot … Continue reading

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Hardware Choices for the Dutch Tool Chest

If you are building a Dutch Tool Chest, you have a number of good choices when it comes to the hardware. Here is some of the hardware I’ve had success with. Black Bear Forge. John Switzer, the blacksmith at Black … Continue reading

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Quick – 2 Spots Open in My Dutch Tool Chest Class

Because of some military redeployments, there are two spots open in my Dutch Tool Chest class at Roy Underhill’s The Woodwright’s School on June 18-20, 2014. If you can skip out of work (or are lucky enough to be an … Continue reading

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