Download a Free Excerpt of ‘Kitchen Think’


You can download a free pdf excerpt of our newest book, “Kitchen Think: A guide to design and construction, from refurbishing to renovation,” by Nancy R. Hiller, to get a taste of the writing and design. You don’t have to register or give us bourbon or anything. Just click this link:


…and the pdf will arrive in your computer’s downloads folder. The excerpt includes the Table of Contents, Introduction, Three Ways to Mount Drawers (and the shop-made jogs for installing Blum full-extension slides) and two Case Studies.

It was a challenge to pick parts of the book to excerpt because it covers so much on designing and furnishing the kitchen, from a down-to-the-studs renovation that includes building cabinets to refacing existing cabinets, from dealing with nooks to building islands. Plus 24 case studies and butt-saving advice that comes only from experience.

And a gentle reminder that if you order “Kitchen Think” before it ships (likely in early August), you will receive a complete download of the book at checkout. After the book ships, the pdf will cost extra.

— Fitz

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4 Responses to Download a Free Excerpt of ‘Kitchen Think’

  1. Choirboy says:

    Just finished the pdf of the book. Normally I don’t bother with PDFs because I generally hate reading books electronically but knew I wanted this one so ordered it. I did find one advantage to the electronic copy: I saw a detail in a photo and wanted a closer look, and was able to zoom in to about twice the size of the print book before it got grainy. That was nice.

  2. Mary Lee Adler says:

    Tantalizing. I look forward to reading, seeing, and learning more when the print copy is available.

  3. o2bsam says:

    @maryleeadler said tantalizing… I agree! You’re a tantalizing woman Fitz. Thanks for the excerpt.

  4. Robert Hobbs says:

    A wonderful thing to do (free pdf) and this piece of the book highlights a keepsake to come. The large amount of work put into this is obvious.
    Thank you

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