Free Excerpts of Two New Books

For those who like to browse before they buy we’ve added excerpts from two of our latest titles – “The Difference Makers” by Marc Adams and “Making & Mastering Wood Planes (The Revised Edition)” by David Finck.

In the excerpt for “The Difference Makers” you’ll have access to the contents, preface, a long introduction filled with woodworking history and the chapter on Garrett Hack, which has, perhaps, one of the funniest stories you’ll read in the entire book. Simply go here.

In the excerpt for “Making & Mastering Wood Planes” you’ll have access to the contents, a foreword by James Krenov, an introduction and all of Chapter 5: Planing Techniques. Chapter 5 includes detailed information on how to prepare to plane, edge-joining techniques, flattening and truing surfaces, polishing surfaces, squaring end grain, profiling, and finishing hand-planed surfaces. For this one, go here.


— Kara Gebhart Uhl

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7 Responses to Free Excerpts of Two New Books

  1. David Ryle says:

    I purchased the Finck book four years ago, its one of the most worn, dog-eared books in my library. If you have an interest in making your own planes imo, this is one book that you must have!


  2. Why browse…..?? Just buy it. You can’t go wrong with Plane Difference Makers.


  3. Mike T says:

    The outstanding quality, and superb value I have come to expect from LAP…….


  4. Bob McKay says:

    Could not pull up the excerpts


  5. ctdahle says:

    Like damn drug pushers. “Hey man, have a hit of these words man.” Giving out samples, getting us all hooked and jonesing.


  6. Daniel Guilderson says:

    Off topic…again… Sic fingit tabernaculum Deo—“Thus she frames a tabernacle for God.” Such was the inscription around the figure of St Anne instructing Mary, which formed the device of the ancient guild of joiners and cabinetmakers; for they, looking upon the making of tabernacles wherein God may dwell in our churches as their most choice work, had taken St Anne for their patroness and model. — The Liturgical Year, Dom Prosper Guéranger


  7. rleazer says:

    hullo! can’t wait to get this wooden planes book! I’ve got a random question. Would it be a bad idea to make a plane out of black palm? My concern is the openness of the grain, despite the hardness. And if the sole wears overtime, the splinter prone texture seems like It could clog or cause problems planing. thanks!


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