2018 Anarchist’s Gift Guide Begins Tomorrow


The Anarchist’s Gift Guide begins tomorrow (Nov. 1) on my blog at Popular Woodworking Magazine. The entries will appear every three days through the month of November.

Anarchist’s Gift Guide is a yearly thing I do that recommends mostly small, inexpensive and useful shop items (the least expensive item in this year’s guide is .89 cents). These blog entries are great to email to family members who are asking you what Uncle or Auntie Woodworker wants for Christmas.

Here are the rules: Nothing is sponsored. I purchase all the items myself with my own lunch money. Any manufacturer who asks to be included in the gift guide is automatically disqualified from being in the gift guide. (This disclaimer should give you some ideas about how other “gift guides” are constructed.)

After the gift guide entries, I have four more entries planned for that blog, and then it will end on Dec. 31. Next year’s gift guide will be posted here instead. (Are you saying “huh?” at this point? Read this.)

Hope the Gift Guide is useful, fun or something that makes you yell at your phone.

— Christopher Schwarz

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15 Responses to 2018 Anarchist’s Gift Guide Begins Tomorrow

  1. ikustwood says:

    Dear Chris.

    I went on the PW blog (link that you post) , and end up looking at the Limbert blog. I tried to see the bookcase and other items but it gives me the infamous 404 Earth-Auto-Destruct-Stupid- Humans Error.

    Could you tell me where they are hiding now?



  2. Loxmyth says:

    It’d be nice to have a summary page for the Gift Guide, reduced to item, price range, a sentence or so about why this item made the cut, and a link to the full description. That’d make doing a quick scan for ideas/solutions/recommendations significantly easier. Shouldn’t take long to rattle off, either, or be hard to maintain going forward.


  3. Brian Greene says:

    I echo many of the other comments.

    You’ve been and will continue to be regarded as one of the most important woodworking writers of the past century. Great work. Thank you.

    Good luck and continued success.

    Brian Greene – Ottawa


  4. When I click on the link it takes me to the website, but no content comes up. Anyone else have the same problem or does Popular Woodworking just hate me?


    • ctdahle says:

      I don’t think this is the place to bash PW, but a few years ago I was repeatedly bounced out of their subscription system at renewal time. I kept buying at the news stand for a while until Ms. Fitzpatrick left. Today, I keep getting bounced out of their website when I try to read Mr. Schwarz’ blog. I feel like they really don’t want me as a reader or a subscriber…so fine, I take 10 or 12 other magazines, four on woodworking. I’ll just stick with those.


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