In the Works: September 2018 Edition


We are asked regularly by customers and retailers about the status of upcoming books and other projects at Lost Art Press. I sometimes hesitate to talk too much about upcoming projects – or put a release date to them – because people get upset if we miss those dates.

That said, here is the list of active projects at Lost Art Press. I offer it with these two caveats:

  1. We don’t have firm deadlines at Lost Art Press. We print a book when it’s as good as we can make it – no less.
  2. The information below is all I have. If a project isn’t listed here, the author is still researching it, writing it or trying to return from falling off the edge of the earth. So asking me about Andrew Lunn’s book on sawmaking isn’t going to garner a response – I simply don’t know.

Here we go:

“Shaker Inspirations” by Christian Becksvoort
This is our final release for 2018 and should go to press tomorrow. It is part autobiography, part lesson in craftsmanship, part business treatise and part measured drawings to some of Chris’s best pieces. If you know Chris, you will find this book to be Classic Chris – plainspoken and opinionated – with the chops to back it up.


Lost Art Press “Blackout” T-shirt
This is the other product we are offering for the holidays. It’s an inexpensive dark blue T-shirt with a black Lost Art Press logo on it. We’ve been experimenting with this sort of shirt for a while to see how it ages. It’s awesome. These should be available in three weeks.

Lost Art Press Chore Coats
The factory making the final batch of chore coats in Japanese cotton has been dragging its feet. Officials there promise we’ll have coats in three weeks. Don’t hold your breath. For the new edition of the chore coat in American-made cotton, we are waiting for prototypes to arrive from two vendors.

“The Difference Makers” by Marc Adams
This will be a huge, beautiful and inspiring book. Marc Adams, owner and founder of the largest woodworking school in North America, has written a book that profiles more than 30 of the best furniture makers, toolmakers and artists he’s encountered through his school. Each profile features a biography of the person, Marc’s personal tale of his history with the person and lots of gorgeous photos of finished work. Editing this book has been both humbling and inspiring. Definitely 2019.

“Joiner’s Work” by Peter Follansbee
We’re all eagerly awaiting Peter’s follow-up to “Make a Joint Stool from a Tree,” which will delve into Peter’s case work, boxes and chairs. The book is tantalizingly close to being in our hands so we can finish editing it and designing it. Let’s hope for 2019.

“Make a Chair from a Tree, Third Edition” by Jennie Alexander
Our dearest hope is to get this book out by the end of the summer in 2019. The text is in pretty good shape now (thanks to Larry Barrett), and I am going to Baltimore in October to finish up the new photography we need for this new edition.

“The Life & Work of John Brown” by Christopher Williams
This project is beginning to pick up steam, and I hope the research and writing will be done by the end of 2019. I am off to Wales tomorrow to work with Chris Williams a bit, meet some of John Brown’s family, see some chairs and (I hope) look through archival photographs for the book.

“Country Woodcraft, Then & Now” (working title) by Drew Langsner
Drew is updating his classic “Country Woodcraft,” which was published way before anyone used the term “green woodworking.” It was an important book that launched a lot of woodworkers into pursuing traditional crafts. The new edition will feature the book’s original contents (slightly edited in places) plus a big dose of new chapters that reflect what Drew learned by a lifetime in the woods and at the bench.

“The Anarchist’s Design Book (Expanded)” by Christopher Schwarz
My goal is to finish writing this updated version by the end of 2018 so it can be published in 2019. I have only two more projects to build – though I desperately want to add a third project to my to-do list. If you have questions about this expansion edition, read this FAQ.

We have lots more projects in the works from the likes of Nancy Hiller, Jarrod Dahl, Vic Tesolin, Don Williams and Brendan Gaffney. But I don’t have any updates to report on those books.

— Christopher Schwarz

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21 Responses to In the Works: September 2018 Edition

  1. James Watriss says:

    Odd question about book expansions…

    I feel like I read a number of posts about your experiences building roorkhee chairs after the campaign furniture book went to print. Did any of those lessons make it back into the book later, or get compiled anywhere?

    Just curious. The nuts and bolts information on your experiences seemed really solid. Obviously it’s all searchable online, I just love me a printed version…


    • I haven’t revised “Campaign Furniture” I’m afraid. Most of the lessons I learned were between making a few for Poplar Woodworking, and then going into full production and making 20 more (including the Kaare Klint versions) before “Campaign Furniture” was published. So the instructions in that book are solid. And the lessons I’ve learned since have been details, really.

      Hope this helps.


  2. Bill Harris says:

    Please ask Andrew Lund to add section about finishing/burnishing with bone. This could be a great alternative to liquids and waxes. I have tried finishing with deer antler bone, but would love to have Andrews views on these techniques. Thank you


  3. maross1248 says:

    I will order “Shaker Inspirations” the moment it becomes available. I have great interest in Shaker woodworking and I am a Becksvoort fan.


  4. tmsbmx says:

    I would think rushing a Author is a terrible idea same as time it takes in editing and all the way to the book release. And Lost Art Press has shown that time and time again that it’s well worth the wait. Just my two cents.


  5. The future looks very bright at LAP. I look forward to the coming books with great anticipation.


  6. Kevin Almeyda says:

    I’ll be ordering the Becksvoort and Adams books the moment ordering opens. Looking forward to both.


  7. Johnathan says:

    Just reflecting; I’ve spent ~$300 on LAP books in 2018 so far. That’s the most I’ve spent so far in a single year on books (not counting college), and I didn’t even purchase all that I’ve wanted!? Hoping my wife gets the hint and starts getting me the Roubo books to match my new Book of Plates come Christmas time. Based on what’s in the pipeline, LAP have been given a dedicated line in my annual budget.


  8. Bills yard says:

    “Your going to need a bigger bookcase” chief Brode


  9. Doug Barnes says:

    Did you mention a few years ago about a book about outdoor furniture?

    Sent from my iPhone


  10. mike says:

    Is the Krenov biography still in the works? Or is it too far off to mention at this point?


  11. toolnut says:

    Any pricing available on the shirts?


  12. johncashman73 says:

    The Becksvoort is going to press tomorrow? I’m going to sit here and click “refresh” until I can order the pdf.


  13. Fancy Lad Woodworking says:

    Wow, looks like an exciting (and expensive) year coming up


  14. Klaus N. Skrudland says:

    I love you, Lost Art Press!


  15. ejcampbell says:


    Went down to Westport for luch with friends and then over to Westport Point for the views and old houses. My friend took me into a pre-revolutionary war house he anad his father had recently bought. It had an upstairs workroom with (he said) an old table and a couple benches. Actually 3 very old workbenches. 2 “roman style” low benches with dog holes and a Nickolson-style with a leg vise in front and a crochet on the opposite corner. They must have worked on a lot of boards of about the same width as there was a small piece of wood to support them fastened to the back apron. Maybe for floor boards or trim when building the house? The leg vise looks like a newer addition. See pictures.


  16. guadfly says:

    When does the book on “Epoxy Live Edge River Tables” come out?


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