FAQ: Expanded Edition of ‘The Anarchist’s Design Book’

ADB_2nd_printing_hires_IMG_2490_1024x1024I am at work on adding five or six chapters to “The Anarchist’s Design Book” for an expanded edition that we will release in the future. Several customers have asked how this will work. Here are the answers.

Q: What will be in the expanded edition?

The core content of the expanded edition will be the same as the current edition. The additional content will be five projects that I wish I had included in the first edition: a staked high stool, a staked armchair, a boarded settle, a boarded settle chair and a boarded mule chest. These five projects use the same techniques – staked joinery and boarded construction – as in the current edition. In other words, I’m not adding a section on some new (or very old) joinery technique.

Q: When will the expanded edition be available?

We hope to release the new printed edition in late 2019 or early 2020.

Q: Will the five projects be available to people who own the current edition?

Absolutely. Anyone who owns the current edition will be able to download the five additional chapters for free. And they will be able to do this no matter if they bought the book from us or from another retailer. The additional chapters will be in pdf format,  and designed in pages that are identical to the current edition. You will be able to print them out if you like or keep them on your computer.

Q: How will this download work?

Simple. We will have a link in our store for people with the current edition. Click the link and the download will begin. The link will be posted indefinitely.

Q: Will these additional projects feature copperplate etchings from Briony Morrow-Cribbs?

Yes. Briony has agreed to create new copperplate etchings for the expanded edition.

Q: Will the expanded edition cost more than the current edition?

Yes. Adding five more projects will increase the printing cost, so we will need to increase the price of the printed book when the new edition is released.

Q: Will I be able to trade in my old edition for a new one?

Sorry but no.

Q: You are releasing some of the chapters in advance as they are completed. Why?

Several reasons. They are going to be released for free, so why not do it now? Second, readers have been asking for them as photos of the projects have appeared on the blog and our Instagram feed. And third, readers might catch a mistake or two before we go to press.

— Christopher Schwarz

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12 Responses to FAQ: Expanded Edition of ‘The Anarchist’s Design Book’

  1. johncashman73 says:

    Testudo aubreii aproves.


  2. Eric from Dayton says:

    Will the copper plate printings from Briony be available also?


  3. Jim Maher says:

    No trade-in? What? Huh?!?

    That means I’m gonna wind up with TWO of these! Where will I put them?


    • ctdahle says:

      Don’t know about you, but I’m probably going to have to revisit chapter 18!


    • Bruce Lee says:

      Do what all the scalpers do – put it up on Abe Books or Amazon for a few hundred Quantloos and hope some sucker will fall for it. Or donate it to the local library or school which still has a woodworking shop class, which will benefit your Karma.


  4. Alvin says:

    Is it possible to get a “volume II” rather than the new chapters with the first book?


  5. the Rusted TinMan says:

    First THANK YOU. I’m echoing other comments about how nice it is to have a person who offers up their additional work to those of us who purchased the original work. I would not hesitate to purchase a ‘supplement’ or Volume 2 if one was put together. ⚒️


  6. Matthew Holbrook says:


    Thank you for the update on the Anarchists Design Book.

    Since this will be Volume 2, I trust you will keep us informed when you are ready with Volume 3.

    You are quickly proving to be a modern-day Charles Hayward for our time.

    Keep up the good work.


  7. Chris Kuehn says:

    Looking forward to this Chris! I own the digital download will that file be updated in the LAP download section or will I have two files the old book and the pdf with 5 new chapters?


  8. ikustwood says:

    Never heard of a company doing that . Creating things and giving it away on honour … bravo !


  9. tsstahl says:

    Page 17 into 19: Reduce its diameter by about .010″ to .01″ by filing or grinding its edges at the grinder.
    Appears to be a significant digit issue; the digit in question being the left pinky assuming qwerty home row typing. 🙂


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