Now in Store: ‘Hands Employed Aright’

HEA_coverYou can now place a pre-publication order for Joshua Klein’s “Hands Employed Aright: The Furniture Making of Jonathan Fisher (1768-1847).” The book is $57, which includes domestic shipping, and should ship to customers in early or mid-August.

All pre-publication orders placed through the Lost Art Press store will receive a pdf download of the book at checkout. After the book ships, the pdf will cost extra.

“Hands Employed Aright” is the culmination of five years of research into the life of Jonathan Fisher. Fisher was the first settled minister of the frontier town of Blue Hill, Maine. Harvard-educated and handy with an axe, Fisher spent his adult life building furniture for his community. Fortunately for us, Fisher recorded every aspect of his life as a woodworker and minister on the frontier.

In this book, Klein, the founder of Mortise & Tenon Magazine, examines what might be the most complete record of the life of an early 19th-century American craftsman. Using Fisher’s papers, his tools and the surviving furniture, Klein paints a picture of a man of remarkable mechanical genius, seemingly boundless energy and the deepest devotion. It is a portrait that is at times both familiar and completely alien to a modern reader – and one that will likely change your view of furniture making in the early days of the United States.

This hardbound, full-color book will be produced entirely in the United States using quality materials and manufacturing methods. You can get a sample of the writing, photography and design of the book via this excerpt.

You can place your order for “Hands Employed Aright” here.

— Christopher Schwarz

P.S. As always, we do not know which of our retailers plan to carry this book – it’s their decision; not ours. We hope that all of them will stock it. Contact your nearest retailer for more information.

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4 Responses to Now in Store: ‘Hands Employed Aright’

  1. Great, now I am getting a late start in the shop this morning because I read the .PDF sample. It’s a good thing this book won’t arrive until August. I have work to do!


  2. Jim Maher says:

    Though I’ve only scanned the PDF, I look forward to a thorough read of the book. This is the kind of a book I keep coming back to Lost Arts Press to find. Historical research, that tells a practical story of how it was done, and by whom.

    It’s not a “How To” with measured drawings and step-by-step instructions. To me, it is much more interesting than that. The story’s the thing!

    There are lots of gorgeous photos and illustrations that set the context and show a fine collection of pieces in situ. PLUS, a well-organized catalog of both furniture and tools. I’m especially excited about the furniture – chests, a wardrobe, cabinets, desks, tables, chairs, stands, boxes, even a bed and a clock; all explicitly photographed and nicely described. Plenty of inspiration for me to design and build my own (I’ve already gone back to look at the wardrobe four times).

    And there is a very interesting looking chapter that describes the author’s “recreation shop research”. That will be my “How To” inspiration.

    Thanks guys! This is gonna be great one!


  3. neitsdelf says:

    Been waiting for this since July 2014 when I first read about Messrs. Fisher and Klein here!


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