The Last of the Tool Chest Posters


While straightening up the stockroom at our storefront last week, I made a startling discovery under a pile of posters promoting “Calvin Cobb” Radio Woodworker!” It was a thick stack of letterpress tool chest posters for “The Anarchist’s Tool Chest.”

We have about 100 of them – pristine, signed by me and ready to go. They are $25 and can be ordered here in our store. The price includes domestic shipping, and the posters ship in a rigid cardboard tube.

This is the last of them and we are not reprinting this poster – the plates were destroyed months ago.

— Christopher Schwarz


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12 Responses to The Last of the Tool Chest Posters

  1. This is going up in the wood shop for sure.


  2. azezo1 says:

    Why destroy the plates? Seems like that would be a cool thing to save, possibly hang it up for display.


  3. Tell us more about the Calvin Cobb posters.


  4. Hi, the website wouldn’t let me complete my order — says there’s no shipping option, even though I’m in Canada and ought to be eligible for free shipping. Is it something about the package format that it’s not eligible?


  5. seanhynes says:

    Given there won’t be any more print runs, any possibility of a PDF? Would gladly pay money for a hi-res PDF that I can have printed here in Australia


  6. Paul Korman says:

    I would like to order a poster of the tool chest but the link is inoperative and the poster does not seem to be for sale on the blog. Your help would be appreciated


  7. tsstahl says:

    MWAHAHAHA. My sinister plan is coming together:

    1. Buy posters
    2. ?
    3. PROFIT!


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