New: ‘Calvin Cobb: Radio Woodworker!’ Posters


After numerous requests from Roy Underhill fans, we are now offering a limited edition 18” x 24” poster of the cover of “Calvin Cobb: Radio Woodworker!

The poster is printed on #80 lb. recycled stock with a matte finish – much like the dust jacket of the book itself. The poster is printed in the United States and ships in a heavy-duty protective tube.

The price is $15, and that includes domestic USPS shipping. You can order your poster here.


The print quality is gorgeous. Every detail from Jode Thompson’s original cover is produced in crisp detail, right down to the stubble on Calvin’s cheek. (If you’d like to read about the development of the cover image, check out this blog entry.)

Note: If you purchased one of our letterpress hammer posters, please know that this is not the same paper. For this project we used a typical high-quality poster paper – not the card stock for the last project.

As long-time readers know, we have resisted getting into selling posters – it simply wasn’t something we knew enough about to make sure we didn’t lose our shirts. Well thanks to John, we have a reliable service that will package and ship these. I found a good printer that does work that doesn’t remind me of an out-of-register “Heavy Metal” poster.

So we are putting another toe into this water. And, with any luck, we might be able to produce a gorgeous poster of the H.O. Studley tool cabinet in 2016.

— Christopher Schwarz


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6 Responses to New: ‘Calvin Cobb: Radio Woodworker!’ Posters

  1. amvolk says:

    You know, as many times as I have looked at this book, I never noticed Calvin’s stubble. Just ordered the poster and cannot wait to get it. Merry Christmas and/or Happy Holidays!!

  2. disneytodd says:

    I am so happy to get this for my nail cabniet that needs to be made.
    At the rate you are writing books my collection will not be
    Complete until I’m 88 years old.

  3. pfollansbee says:

    let me know when there’s black-light posters…

  4. Does Megan get a royalty for continued use of her image????

    • tsstahl says:

      You pegged it! She’ll do what’s necessary to get a leg up in this world. It’s better than teetering on the edge of existence. Problem is, all the money is being held back until her eventual husband can be trusted with it.

      if you read the book, you’ll get my (very) bad humorous references, and period misogyny. 😉

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