A Correction to ‘Chairmaker’s Notebook’

cn_cover_webThis week we are sending “Chairmaker’s Notebook” by Peter Galbert out for a second printing.

Most of the changes made for the second printing are technical in nature – we adjusted the histogram of several of Peter’s hand-drawn images to darken them.

But there is one significant correction to the content of the book, so I would like to post that here for everyone to download for free.

In Chapter 3, Peter presents two pages of plans for the two chairs he built for the book. Because of a scanning error on my part (not Peter’s), the enlargement percentage shown on the pages of the first printing is incorrect. It should be 545 percent (not 540 percent).

Additionally, the drawings for the underside of the seat and the bending form for the balloon-back were slightly off the correct scale.

I spent the morning trying to figure out how I made this error. My conclusion: I screwed up something while scanning the original drawings.

You can download a pdf of the corrected version of those two pages here:


My apologies for the error.

— Christopher Schwarz

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7 Responses to A Correction to ‘Chairmaker’s Notebook’

  1. don2laughs says:

    Easy fix! Thank you for the TIMELY ( was scheduling the plans for printing) correction. So nice to have someone mature & responsible to do business with. I appreciate all you do!


    Don Slaughter

  2. hgordon4 says:

    Thank you!

  3. maltyman01 says:

    The Chairmaker’s Notebook is a fantastic book. This book is well written in an extremely relatable style; you can almost imagine Peter Galbert is a personal friend sharing his years of skill building as you turn the pages. The illustrations are detailed, done by hand, and are beyond plentiful. I bought this book last year as a gift to myself and cannot recommend it enough. Do yourself a favor and buy two, or three copies. This book is easily one of my favorite woodworking books. Good on Lost Art Press for putting it out there and thanks to Chris and the crew for the chair plans update.

  4. Can we assume that the full scale chair plans for sale are accurate?

  5. Is the one in the shop now the second edition? Mine got ruined in a move, and I was going to replace it.

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