Free Download for Halloween: The Coffin Chapter


If I had to guess, I’d say my wife’s favorite projects of mine are the coffins I built for “The Anarchist’s Design Book.” One coffin ended up at Raney Nelson’s place (it’s where he sleeps, I think). One ended up on the wall in our TV room and holds my vinyl records. And the third is in the basement and is trotted out for Halloween.

Lucy, my wife, adores Halloween.

Building a coffin is great fun, whether you are making it for yourself and your final remains (as I did), to use as a liquor cabinet/vinyl record cabinet or yard decoration.

For fun, here’s the chapter on building a kerf-bent coffin from “The Anarchist’s Design Book.” It’s in pdf format. No DRM or any garbage. Just something fun to read and try.


— Christopher Schwarz

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  1. Years ago when I lived in Istanbul I’d see a man bent under the load carrying a coffin like this on his back on the way to the cemetery with a small procession of people behind him…and then 2 hours later he would come by again, almost jogging, with the empty coffin on his back and no procession. One wonders how many persons used that box for their final ride?
    Richard O. Byrne

  2. Salko Safic says:

    A peculiar taste in fashion dare I say your a goth at heart. I’ve read your book both educational and entertaining. Last night my customer showed me an antique tool chest from Holland, 1914. No skirt nor tool trays just a regular rectangular sturdy box made from Oak. Im not sure what type of tradesman would this box be suitable for but definitely not for a cabinet maker.

  3. petearon143 says:

    Thinking of a Campaign Coffin chapter in your next “Anarchist’s…” book?

  4. Rachael Boyd says:

    I built one for my father , simple pine box. no nails or screws. tried to post a pic but cant seem to make it work

  5. Though I do not have a pic, I attended Sam Maloof’s memorial service. He requested burial in a plain pine box. He was – southern yellow pine with mahogany accents built by the “Three boys” – his shop employees. The coffin was stunning and totally fitting for Sam and his work.

  6. abtuser says:

    Halloween. I host the big family party every year. Shops buzz’in right now. No coffin yet though. Hmmm…

  7. nbreidinger says:

    Momento mori.

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