Sold: A Special Anarchist’s Tool Chest


Note: The chest has been sold. Thank you.

This is a dumb idea. But next week I am filming construction of a full-size Anarchist’s Tool Chest for an upcoming DVD with Popular Woodworking and am offering the finished chest for sale.

Read all about the DVD here.

This construction of this particular chest marks the five-year anniversary of “The Anarchist’s Tool Chest.” I’ve built that chest about 20 times on three continents; its appeal has surprised and pleased me to no end.

If you are interested in purchasing the chest, here are the details:

  • The chest is being built to the print of the one featured in “The Anarchist’s Tool Chest.” Same dimensions, wood, hardware and fittings.
  • I’m painting it black over red for the DVD. If you want a different color on top of that, we can discuss it.
  • I can deliver the chest within 100 miles of Cincinnati for the price of my gas. If you live beyond that frontier, it’s up to you to come get it or arrange shipping with a carrier.
  • Of course, I’ll sign the chest and will include one of our special red-cover editions of “The Anarchist’s Tool Chest” that we have printed for the book’s five-year anniversary.
  • The chest is being made from some extremely clear and wide pine I’ve been saving for this particular chest.
  • Any additional customizations are up to you, or can be completed for a fee.
  • The price is $2,500. That’s considerably less than I charge for these finished chests, but as it’s not really a piece of custom work, I think it’s fair.

If you are interested, send us a note at (sorry, the chest has been sold). The first person to say: Yes, I’ll take it and can deal with the delivery aspects noted above, gets it.

Thanks in advance.

— Christopher Schwarz

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17 Responses to Sold: A Special Anarchist’s Tool Chest

  1. Commenting on this post is the auction equivalent of itching your nose. Proofread with extreme care not to use short word beginning in “Y”.


  2. Paul Fickes says:

    Chris, Is the chest from the recent article with Jameel Abraham then the same as this upcoming DVD, which is the current status of the ATC after considering all the improvements you have made since ATC was published resulting from the 20 chests built on three continents? Thanks, Paul


  3. Ruben "Rube" Villanueva says:

    Wish that I could. It would be awesome to point out that I have something The Schwarz made.


  4. Rachael Boyd says:

    I built mine from all the info you gave out on The Woodwright Shop with Roy and I love it .thanks for that. but to have one that you made would be so cool. even though I can’t afford it or even pay shipping.


  5. Paul Sidener says:

    Wow it didn’t take long for the chest to sell. Where are going to film at, your workshop or Popular Woodworking’s shop?


  6. Any idea when the DVD will be released?


  7. Tim Cottle says:

    Did i miss the post advertising the special red-bound editions of the ATC?


  8. ouidavincent says:

    If the th tool chest purchase falls through, I will happily buy it!


  9. Andy in Germany says:

    What is ‘Black over red’ painting? I’m sure it is obvious when explained…


  10. charlie says:

    I thought you left Popular Woodworking?


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