SOLD: Cincinnati Saw Company Carcase Saw

SOLD: This is a solid 12″ carcase saw from the Cincinnati Saw Co. that has been sharpened by saw savant Daryl Weir. The saw is wicked sharp, straight and ready to work.

I acquired this saw at a Mid-West Tool Collectors meet and had it fixed up by Weir. It’s filed crosscut at 14 points per inch and is better than any sharpening job I could manage.

The blade has some stains and a little pitting in one spot — though it’s nothing that will affect how the saw cuts. The tote is likely apple. The only apology is the toe has a very small bite out of it. It’s an old blemish and perhaps has been filed to look “natural.”

This is a fine worker.

Price: $40 plus shipping. SOLD

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— Christopher Schwarz

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