In Excess: I'm Selling About 100 Tools

During 17 years of serious and studied woodworking and 14 years of editing a woodworking magazine, I have purchased more tools than I could ever wear out. And so starting today, I am going to be put these tools up for sale here on the Lost Art Press Blog.

The prices will be reasonable, and the tools are almost all user-grade.

I purchased most of these tools to study them or experiment with them as I explored the world of handwork. I purchased every one of them with my personal salary. None were gifts. None were purchased by my employer.

Why am I selling them? Several reasons.

• Most of them are duplicates of what I own and use now. They have been packed away in my tool chests and aren’t seeing any use. I would much rather that they be put to work.

• They take up a lot of space in my shop at home.

• I have been working on a new book since February that recently came into perfect focus. To complete the book, I need to sell all of these excess tools. But I cannot say more than that at this point because I am still in negotiations with the book.

Here are the terms. Please read them if you are interested in buying one of my tools.

Terms of Sale
Every day I can sell a tool I’ll list what I know about the tool, its history, plus photos of it. While you can ask me all the questions you like about the tool, the first person to send me an e-mail that says: “I’ll take it,” gets the tool. Simple. To buy a tool, please send me an e-mail at

Payment: I can accept PayPal or a personal check. As soon as the funds arrive, I’ll ship the tool using USPS. If you want insurance, let me know. I’m afraid I can only ship tools in the United States. Shipping internationally is very time-consuming and paper-work-heavy. My apologies in advance on this point.

If you don’t like the tool when you get it, I’ll be happy to refund your money if you return the tool. But postage is on you.

The vast majority of these tools are sharp, set up and ready to use. I’ll note any defects in my description.

Finally: I want to thank you in advance for your business. The sale of these tools will help me greatly with my book endeavor, but it’s probably not what you think. I’m not at all desperate for cash. And I’m not buying a CNC machine. It’s more philosophical than that.

— Christopher Schwarz

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10 Responses to In Excess: I'm Selling About 100 Tools

  1. I don’t suppose you’ve got a spare compass plane?

  2. badger says:

    Do you have any carving chisels? I’m looking to start adding carving to my work, and I’m not finding used ones easy to find. Or if I do, they are very expensive to get started with. New ones are out of my price range for entry level, or the quality is so low as to be useless.

  3. adam says:

    Good for you. They will doubtlessly have aquired a warming shine of good patina for their next steward. This reminds me of something you wrote elsewhere regarding harboring ffewer tools, emphasizing quality over numbers…suerte, amigo!

  4. Gary Roberts says:

    It’s soul cleansing to unload tools you no longer need, or that you forgot you even owned. I recently hauled a Camry full of tools to be auctioned off in RI in September. I had enough room to sit in the drivers seat… and needed new shocks after the trip too. Oh, for the days of my ’69 Chevy c-10 step-side! Poor thing died at 154,000 miles.

    I confess I do this around every 5 years and it always feels good to start over, or send off to someone else a tool that has sat in a box for way too many days.

    Wish the tools well, knowing they are going to good homes.

    Now to work on the boxes of books…

  5. Chris F says:

    I’m in Canada…are you sure it’s as big a hassle as you think to ship here? I think it’s just one form to fill out…

  6. Christopher Schwarz says:

    Sorry Chris,

    We’ve lost our shirt on shipping things to Canada. Boxes never get where they are supposed to go. No tracking numbers that work. Receivers who refuse the shipment so they don’t have to pay taxes. Then the box disappears.


  7. Travis W says:

    Is there a time frame when we should be checking, or is it going to be when you get a wild hair??

  8. Scott MacLEOD says:

    Chris F.

    Where in Canada r u. Reply to my email I MAY be able to help.


  9. jeff stafford says:

    ahh, the daily sale on "C"bay.
    actually my bet is that Lucy has joined Wives Against Schwarz and is putting her foot down.

    Has anybody pointed out that "W.A.S." is past tense. They could be reaaally serious this time. 😉


  10. Tom Dugan says:

    "And I’m not buying a CNC machine. It’s more philosophical than that."

    My God! Not graduate school!!!!

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